About me

Name: Amber Tan Ker Loon
Hometown: Malacca, Malaysia
Email: virgolock@hotmail.com

Favourite > Author: Jodi Picoult
                 > K-pop group: Super Junior & SNSD
                 > K-pop singer: Kim Tae Yeon
                 > Korean actors: Park Shi Hoo & Lee Min Ho
                 > Books: Lone Wolf, The Hobbit, The Rice Mother, My Sister's Keeper

Places to visit > Australia
                       > Korea
                       > Taiwan
                       > Italy
                       > Japan

Hello! Simple greetings from me!
Thanks for checking out my blog.

I'm a 22 year old lady who feels contented at simple things in life.
I have been told to be unapproachable because of my introversive personality.
// But that's truly who I am!! //
I also find myself to have unrealistic outlooks in life and often hopes for perfection although I'm aware that perfect doesn't exists.
// Kind of a perfectionist I think... //

I love to share what I think is interesting at the moment.
Meanwhile, I'm still working on organizing and improving my blog,
so..... please bear with me!! >///<

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