Sunway Lagoon view

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the Sunway Lagoon view from my hostel.

I know! The view doesn't look nice in the picture as I took it with my low pixel handphone camera.

College life

Thursday, January 7, 2010

College is kind of interesting. There were times when I felt lonely. Initially, I dislike my hostel but after some time,I got used to it. I have a Sunway Lagoon view from my room. I guess there is a concert held at Sunway today. It is so noisy that I can hear it clearly from my room. concert.Hoho~

I took 4 subjects for A-level(physics,chemistry,maths and economics) and I started to regret now. I am thinking of dropping either physics or chemistry. I'm still not sure which to drop. Both seems interesting though hard to understand. Hope that I can make a decision soon. Whether to drop or not to.

I still find it difficult with my college life. I have to worry about what to have for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Aiyoo......@@
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