Lovely pressie~

Friday, September 30, 2011


My first present.

It's a Phytogenic infinite foundation from The Face Shop.

Makeup kit?? o.O?? Hey sis, I don't makeup. Eh wait, I remember she told me something random a month ago.

"I think you'll be a great makeup artist."
"LOL! Just saying."

Okay, that was random. I thought she was just being random but........LOL! I don't know what exactly makes her think of that. Maybe Malacca's weather is too hot. LOL!

Anyway, I love my presents!!

Not many but enough to make a hole in her pocket.

Lastly, erm.....*gasp* a purse.

*gasp* Braun Buffel?

It looks kinda....kinda........old fashion. XP haha!
Well, expected since it's a present from my parents.
Parents usually have old and expensive taste. They believe things that cost a bomb are good stuffs. Yeah, I do agree that some are great but not all.
Although it looks old-fashioned but the more I look at it, the more I like it but I will not use it. Gotta wait for a few more years after I graduated. Until then, I hope this purse will not rot.

Exam period

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've been busy bonding with accounting notes for the past few days.

Yes. Just accounting although I have a total of 5 subjects for finals.

I admit that I didn't work hard for group dynamics, english and maths. I didn't even care to do my best preparation for it so if ever I get bad results, I guess I'm prepared for it already.

As for accounting, I can't forgive myself for screwing up my final exam paper when I have prepared myself for days for it. Hzzz.........

Accounting, it's a subject that I'm still confused with. It seems easy yet confusing. However, I don't hate accounting. Instead, I'm starting to like it. The imbalanced accounts makes it challenging for me to balance them but I'm always ready for the challenge. The satisfaction that I feel whenever I successfully balance an account is rewarding. I guess this satisfaction is what makes me like accounting.

I've finally understand why the most popular phrase that comes out from other people's mouth when they talk about accounting is 'debit.... credit.... debit.... credit.....'. Because it is all just about debit and credit. As simple as that yet confusing at times. *sigh* Super annoying!

Ahhh!!! Forget about it. A few more days left until the last paper, economics, and I'll be chilling at home for 2 weeks after that. Woohoo!!

This is a song that I've recently got caught up with.

Here is another ultimate emo song by Lee So Ra, covered by Taeyeon!

I love her cover version than the original version probably because I like her soothing voice. I think she sings well though some people commented about not being emotional enough. My opinion though.

Check out the original version.

Lee So Ra is the woman who sang at the beginning and Park Hyo Shin is the guy that completes the other half of the song. This song is a solo but it appears to be a duet in this video.

LOL! You can literally hear the girls scream the moment Park Hyo Shin starts to sing.

So which version do you prefer?

My little birthday surprise

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm diligently preparing for final exams these few days. Well, not literally. @@

So I haven't talk about my early birthday celebration, have I?

It was near dinner time. I was choosing what to wear for dinner as we'll be having it at Simply Fish when mum came and asked me to dress up nicely. Immediately, I sensed something. "Will there be an early birthday celebration?" was what came to my mind.

I was right. Indeed there was.

It was supposed to be a surprise celebration but I wasn't that surprised since I'd already sensed it coming. But still, I tried to look surprised. What really surprised me were the birthday presents. I didn't expect to receive presents from my parents. It's been a long time since the last.

Dishes in Simply Fish were not bad. All of us had fish for dinner since the dishes were generally fish. LOL!

That's all for my little surprise celebration.

I can't wait for Friday to come. I can't wait for my birthday to come. I can't wait to discover what's inside. Woohoo!!! I'm so excited. XD

Aren't you excited? I am. LOL!
My present will be revealed in the next post, maybe after finals that is a week later.
Until then~

Non-productive study

Monday, September 12, 2011

First of all, I would like to wish u guys "Happy Lantern Festival!" or "中秋节快乐 !" or "Happy Mid-autumn Festival!"

So what's up with me these days?

Well, this week marks the end of those endless quizzes and assignments thrown onto us. Hooray!!!!, no, no. Final exam starts next Monday. I'm now left with 6 more days to prepare for the fight. My mum always refer exam as battle. 纸上战斗 means battle on the paper. LOL! Let's call it paper fight!

Study hard, play harder.

That's what I'm doing now. 2 hours of study, 1 hour for maplestory. Nice huh? Sure....but the result isn't productive at all.

The reason isn't because I got too addicted to the game until I neglected my studies. It's because I don't understand a thing of what I'm studying, that is accounting. After a week and I'm still stuck at chapter 7: Partnership.

Ok. Ok. You must be thinking : "Didn't your lecturer taught you?" or "Didn't you pay attention in class?"

The lecturer did but she taught not a tad but too fast for a non-basic student like me to catch up and so I was often left scratching my head in confusion. Secondly, I admit I did not listen in class. I did try to pay attention but my mind tends to wonder off the minute I yawn. *yawwwwn~~*

After days of hard work, my mind is still blank and full of question marks. O_O??? Ok. Maybe I'm not hardworking enough.

I'll be celebrating Lantern Festival with my family tonight. Can't wait!!

P.S. : Did I mention about my early birthday celebration? And early birthday gifts too. Hahaha! I can't wait to open them this Friday.

Time will heal.....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everyone was crazy about Secret Garden. Both my sisters watched and ranted about it.

Their comments?


Till now, I haven't got the chance to watch it. I dare not download any drama for fear of virus attack as I have had it before in my old one. That evil virus, Trojan horse or whatever destroys my whole laptop. Poor laptop. *sob...sob...*

So I went searching for the drama's song and found this.

What really hits me is the meaning of the song. The song is just so-so. Nothing special. (Sorry secret garden fans. Maybe it's because I haven't watch it. That's why I don't get the sadness that comes along when the singer sings it.)

Love the part where the chorus goes:

Just much more do I have to gaze at you alone?
This love that came like the wind.
This love like a beggar.
If I continue this way, will you love me?

Well, it seems like this song is about a guy having a crush on a girl? Haha! Just guessing. Maybe it's not crush. Errr.......ah, whatever!

Today, now, I'm going to write yet another emo post. It seems like my blog has been flooded with a majority of emo posts. Might as well change my blog title from 'My life' to 'My emo life'. LOL!! Well, I can't help being sensitive. I'm a virgo after all. Sometimes I do find myself being overly sensitive especially during the period of raging hormones.

Everyone is flying everywhere. Most of my a-level classmate had already left for university. To Australia, London and even Hong Kong. nice. I wish I'm like one of them too. Able to leave Malaysia and embark on a new journey on my own. It has always been my dream to further my studies in Australia but who knows just a tiny incident can crush my dream into pieces?

I seems so foolish now that I'm talking about this. I know I shouldn't look back at the past but.........I just couldn't stop myself.

If I were to hold on to that chance strong enough. If were brave enough to make that decision, perhaps....................?'s really too late for me to regret already. That incident happened almost a year ago. What is the use of talking about it now??

How can I let myself not regret on the mistakes I've made? I really don't know other that accepting the truth. They say time can heal. Yes. I'm still waiting. C'mon time! heal me!!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kara is back! Nice beat, nice song and nice dance too. ^^

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Maplestory, I ♥ you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh no! I'm addicted to maplestory!! I can't stop myself!!!!! BAD TIMING!!!

I can't believe this 1 week holiday just passed by like that. T^T

This is the most non-progressive-study holiday ever.

All I did was eat and eat and eat. Full stop! Eh, and played maplestory too. LOL!

Study progress: 0.5%
Facebook progress: 50%
Maplestory progress: 49.5%

What a mess I've done for myself. Gosh, I'm in deep trouble now.

Lalala~whatever. My brain is now full of maplestory, maplestory and maplestory.

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