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Monday, September 12, 2011

First of all, I would like to wish u guys "Happy Lantern Festival!" or "中秋节快乐 !" or "Happy Mid-autumn Festival!"

So what's up with me these days?

Well, this week marks the end of those endless quizzes and assignments thrown onto us. Hooray!!!!, no, no. Final exam starts next Monday. I'm now left with 6 more days to prepare for the fight. My mum always refer exam as battle. 纸上战斗 means battle on the paper. LOL! Let's call it paper fight!

Study hard, play harder.

That's what I'm doing now. 2 hours of study, 1 hour for maplestory. Nice huh? Sure....but the result isn't productive at all.

The reason isn't because I got too addicted to the game until I neglected my studies. It's because I don't understand a thing of what I'm studying, that is accounting. After a week and I'm still stuck at chapter 7: Partnership.

Ok. Ok. You must be thinking : "Didn't your lecturer taught you?" or "Didn't you pay attention in class?"

The lecturer did but she taught not a tad but too fast for a non-basic student like me to catch up and so I was often left scratching my head in confusion. Secondly, I admit I did not listen in class. I did try to pay attention but my mind tends to wonder off the minute I yawn. *yawwwwn~~*

After days of hard work, my mind is still blank and full of question marks. O_O??? Ok. Maybe I'm not hardworking enough.

I'll be celebrating Lantern Festival with my family tonight. Can't wait!!

P.S. : Did I mention about my early birthday celebration? And early birthday gifts too. Hahaha! I can't wait to open them this Friday.

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