I passed my JPJ driving test!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a relieve! I just can't believe I passed the tests in the first round. I'm so glad!

I woke up at 6.45 today as my driving instructor said he will arrive at 8am and.........he did! He really did for the first time after 14 lessons. He arrived exactly at 8am. WOW! Just before I hopped into the car, I prayed to Buddha. This is what I prayed:

"Dear god, I hope today's weather will be a cloudy one. No rain, not sunny. Please let me pass this test because I don't want to have any driving lessons anymore. ( My driving instructor is always not on time. Said 9 but came at 11. -_- ) Please let me pass because this is my biggest new year wish ever. I hope my wish will be granted. Thank you. " LOL

I arrived at the driving center about 8.45am and was shocked that so many people were there already. They were people from the 1st batch which started at 8.30am. I were in the 2nd batch which will start around 10.30am after the 1st batch people have finished their tests. Not only was I in the 2nd batch, I got number 32, which means more waiting. So you can imagine waiting for my turn was like what a loooooooooooooooong dayyyyyyy................=_=

I sat there and observed how people drive the car, whether they passed or failed. Some people were driven back by the JPJ tester during the road test(section 3) and that means : FAIL. Sitting there watching them only made me more and more nervous. I was thinking :" What if I got a crappy car? What if I fail? No way. I can't fail. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!''

Its 11.30am. Finally! The time has come! My number was called for section 2 and I started walking slowly towards the car. I told myself JUST DO IT! I went slow and steady all the way and passed! I'm so happy! Now that I have passed the section 2, there is only section 3 left.

After another long wait, it's finally my turn for the road test. I just can't wait to get it done already. I'm so tired of waiting, I don't really care whether I will pass or fail anymore.

I got into the car, greet the officer and did all the necessary things that could helped me to get points. That officer did not said anything at first but showed his true colours after I drove out from the driving center. He was frequently yelling and scolding at me, trying to make me nervous. Gosh, you can't expect me to be completely calm as it was the first time I'm driving alone. Haha! Believe me!

First mistake: Drove into the wrong lane.
That's when I............................got scolded!

Officer: Did you took any driving lessons before?!
Me: Er....yeah. (=.=)
Officer: Really? It seems like you don't!
Me: Har?? Ops....sorry, sorry. O_O

Second mistake: Did not stopped the car near the right-side of the road when I'm trying to turn into the driving center which is on my right.

Officer: Hey, stopped nearer to the right of the road la. How are the other cars going to pass by huh? Use your eyes to see la. You got eye-side problem is it? Please go to the hospital and check la...aiyoo!
Me: Ok,ok. LOL!

Well, that mistake wasn't completely my fault. My driving instructor had never let me drive by myself(I mean he was always holding the steering) or even drive back to the driving center. So how was I to know?

I was shocked almost to death after all the scolding. He's so mean! I thought I had failed the test but when he handed me the paper, OMG! 17/20! I passed!

Thank you god for hearing my prayers. It was a cloudy day today as I had wished. And I passed both tests too! My prayers were definitely heard. YAHOO!!! :D


  1. Which driving school u went for ur driving course?

  2. It wasn't exactly a driving school I went to. I went to JPJ(Malaysian Road Transport Department) where each students will have a driving tutor.

  3. Well done. tests are good at making you nervous.

  4. The JPJ Driving Examiners are TOO RUDE (JPJ must train these examiners to SPEAK NICELY and GENTLY --- like civilized people).... I just did not stop (but extremely slowed down) on ONE Berhenti Sign..... becoz that sign was inside the driving institute ... (anyway my mistake.....) and once I parked the car back in the institute... she just shouted "WHY did you not STOP there?" ..... I was shocked to listen to her RUDE VOICE ....

    I strongly recommended these people must be trained to speak in a polite way.

    1. I has my driving test today. Well, the JPJ tester did not look at my when I greet them, this was extremely RUDE. And, when I stalled my car while driving on the road, the tester said: hey, boleh tak mau jadi bodoh tak? Plus, he used his pen to hit my lap which I think is RUDE too. Why do JPJ officers don't educate their examiners properly? Hmm....

  5. I thought that was rude too. In the end, did you pass the test?

  6. You're so lucky! I've already retake for 3 times but both section didn't pass as well. I prayed to Buddha a lot but I guess the luck is not with me as I was quite nervous and scared when I saw the other candidates fails too. And now they have to change the new system and I was forced to learn that but I don't even know if I will pass when the old system I can't even pass. And SPM is coming nearer too. I don't know what should I do ):

  7. i have also already retake for 2 times

  8. from the bottom of my heart and with full honesty, they are the RUDEST and most IMPOLITE people I have ever, ever, ever encountered. I had no idea my driving test would turn out so bad, it has already shaken up my confidence to retake the test since I failed my first one..

  9. I agree that the jpj officers are rude. Idk if all of them are but the ALL the jpj officers i met were just downright DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE.
    I find it absolutely ridiculous with the new driving syllabus. So during my first test, I had to the stupid rpk thing beginning with checking the bumper and things. So when I was done, I swear the jpj officer wanted to screw me up and he said that the bumper wasn't in a right condition when I said it was because there were like TWO scratches, ah cut the story short it ruined my confidence. Fine then I tried to not let it get to me so I did the bukit, side parking and... Failed for the 3 penjuru one. Okay, this time the jpj officer at this section was just plain RUDE. While evaluating me, there was another candidate doing her parking also (she was supposed to wait) and he yelled at her so rudely (SHES AN ADULT BTW) saying 'NAK SAYA GAGALKAN AWAK HAH?!' Damn... So then my turn... To do the 3 penjuru and failed cause I did more than 3 movements..(but I didn't know it that time because I thought that was how you're supposed to do it as long as you don't cut the yellow line)So he signaled me to get out of the car and he asked me 'awak ni buat salah apa?' I went 'umm' thinking hard of what I did wrong and what to say.. He just finished the documenting while shaking his head very arrogantly. Pft... Confidence level dropped AGAIN. Then road... After checking and all.. Fine time to Hit the road. Wanted to go out of the driving school, there was another kancil in front of me that stopped So I stopped la. Who knows this jpj wanted me to CUT the car. So when I stopped he asked'kenapa Henti' thinking he was asking why the car in front of me stopped, I answered'oh tak tau' then he literally YELLED LIKE REALLY YELLED 'saya Tanya KAMU. Kenapa KAMU berhenti?!'

  10. Not the end of the story yet.. So.. I failed AGAIN in this road test part. Ah, I was so down that day I even cried because of all the nasty people I met. I dreaded the second test but I wanted to get over it once and for all. So second test. Ahhh I was number 2. Did the rpk thing again.. And HAH, this time the jpj officer who was evaluating the parking last time was supposed to evaluate me doing the rpk thing. Bless me. I did everything carefully.. Like I really did it carefully and you know what this pms-ing arse said under his breath with a sour face? 'Check kereta pun tak tau' seriously? Can't you just let the candidates do what they have to do? So fine ok I take back my words about ALL jpj officers I met were nasty. The one at the bukit was nice.. So I passed the circuit test and time for road test. And I was so thankful for getting this particular jpj officer (Ah I'm sorry again for saying that All the officers I met were rude) this one was nice. He really was. So finally I did pass. But, it was a horrible experience for me altogether. I don't understand why these officers have to be so rude and disrespectful(plus........ It was the puasa month) but puasa month or not, whoever the heck you are also, you have no right to be rude to anyone at all for the matter. I may only be 17 but you have no right to yell at me. I'm also disgusted at how they can actually shout at adults? Show some respect. Then you'll get some back.

  11. I had such bad experience with Jpj fools .. They think they are doing free job. The way they talk will drop the confidence level of anyone who are driving for first time. After I did the ram test and wait the officer instructions that bloody fellow shouted at me saying " apa tengok Muka saya" pergi lah.. Which made my confident level drop and became nervous and eventually fail my parking

  12. Yes, especially the examiner in the driving school that I went to.. the Officer is so rude that he called me and everyone there Bodoh and Cibai. How in the world can you call people who is taking the tests like that. Yes you are a JPJ officer but it doesn't mean you have the right to degrade people like that. His Name is MOHD SAMSON if I'm not mistaken.

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