Looks & beauty

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, look! She is so pretty! Oh, he is so handsome!
''Looks! Is it really that important?'' I asked myself over and over again.
It gives a first impression to other people of how we behave, our characters and so on.

There are 2 types of beauty in this world. The outer beauty and inner beauty.
Outer beauty is the appearance whereas inner beauty is from the character of oneself.
I am always confused in deciding which is more important. Inner or outer?

Those who look beautiful always have a better opportunity in almost everything they do as they always look good. People seems to worship them just because of their beauty without really knowing them. This kind of thought always irritates me and makes me want to be beautiful too.

Inner beauty will only be noticed after a long period of time. People with inner beauty spread their beautiness slowly and steadily without rushing. Their beauty will slowly grow in others.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger is the only site I can pour my thoughts out completely. Yeah...I guess so... :D

Its been nearly 7 months since I start studying A-levels course. So...what have I learned?
Umm...well...not much actually because I have not been paying attention and studying all these while. Day by day, I spent most of the time online, especially on facebook. In a blink of an eye, 7 months had already gone. 3 more months to AS exam. Fast? Yeah...really fast!

In order to get myself prepared for the exam, I started to have plans like gathering my notes and arranged them systematically. I bought some file holders so that my notes are not all jumble up when I need them. Besides, I tried to keep my desk as neat as possible by placing all the notes in the file holders orderly. In doing so, I hope to create a favourable environment for me to study.

Although I have not learned much in terms of academic but basically, I feel I have learned a lot from my daily life. I become more independent. More mature. I become more socialise by opening myself up to people. I become braver. I learned to do many things on my own, and this surprises many people, including myself. All of these contributed in building my self-esteem as I become more confident. I hope I will continue to improve myself and be a better person. XD


Things to think about...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There are so many things to think about. So many to wonder.

There are billions, thrillions or even zillions of people in this world but none of us can have the exact same face. There are so many kinds of beauty in this world that I can't seems to find an end for it. Almost everything is a beauty to me. As the idiom goes...' beauty in the eyes of the beholder'.

There are so many things to be worried of.

When a problem is solved, another occurs. And we will always find a way to solve it. It goes on and on as if there is no end of it. People are always in search of happiness. However, the search for happiness never ends too. When people found happiness, they want more. In other words, people are always not satisfied with what they already got. Humans are greedy in nature.

What is fate?

When I think of fate, I think of destiny. In fact, these two words are related. It is destiny that brings people together, and that is fate. Some people rushed into my life and leave quickly, leaving nothing behind. Some people came and stayed for awhile, giving colours to my life. But in the end, I am the one to determine whether my life will be a beautiful one or a dull one.

I am still searching for my dreams. Uncertain yet. Where will my life lead me? Which path will I choose to continue my journey? This is still a question to me. One thing I'm certain of is I'll continue to study A-levels and take business stream. There is no way in turning back to science stream anymore. I know my combination of subjects I took is rare but I have no other choice than to continue what I have studied so far. All I can do is to do my best.

I always have the thought of doing my best in everything I do but when its time to do it, I feel reluctant to do what I have planned.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It has been a long time since my last post. So many things had happened. Outings, exams, holidays,........and the leaving of Timothy Ong, my classmate. He left us without saying goodbye.
I am having a fever right now. Had since yesterday. And because of the fever, I got scolded by Mr.Chong, my chemistry lecturer for being late to class ( just 10 min only ).
I am still suffering from fever right now. I hope it will end soon as it makes me really suffer. I lost all my appetite and feel drowsy all the time. Being in this kind of situation really makes me want to cry.
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