My days in hospital

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiya! I'm back again!
You may be wondering what have I been doing all these while for not updating my blog for quite a long time. Studying hard to prepare for my on coming AS exam? Well, partially yes. Actually, I hadn't been well all these while.

This was the day I had to go back to my hostel as my lovely holidays were over. I already had a slight fever a day before but my fever worsen when I got back to my hostel. It was already 5.00p.m by the time I reached there. I unpacked my backpack and cleaned my room as usual. I have a roommate but she left during the holidays. So I felt kind of lonely without seeing all her stuffs at her place. Her place is now. Only a mirror which I had never see before was left on her bed. As the night falls and its time to sleep, I started to shiver out of coldness. I switched off the fan and air-conditioner, swallowed a panadol, wore a jacket and hopped on to my bed, ready to sleep. I was hoping that by doing this, I would start to sweat as I had done this before and it works. However, not this time. After sometime, I started to feel uneasy and I can't seemed to fell asleep. Suddenly I felt like throwing up and I ran to the toilet. After resting for awhile, I took another panadol and the same thing happened. This time, I couldn't ran to the toilet in time and threw up under my roommate's bed. I cleaned it immediately and went for bed.

I woke up and the first thing I knew, I was in a hospital. Sunway Medical Hospital, my mum told me. I was clueless at that time as I couldn't remember what happened to me that made me ended in the hospital. Many people came to visit me including my family members and relatives.

Days in the hospital was quite frustrating as I couldn't fell asleep that night, knowing that I would be moved into a single room the second day. I sound of a baby crying also contributed to my insomnia. I was totally bored.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for had came. At least I had a television and a toilet in the single room. There was even a large glass window beside my bed that shows the whole scenery of Sunway.

I had been using a urinary tube for the past few days as I was unable to go to the toilet on my own. Now is the time the tube would be removed. It was an unpleasant moment as I suffered from urinary problem for 2 days. I wasn't able to urinate although there was a strong, urgent feeling to urinate. It was very frustrating but slowly, I was able to overcome the problem. However, I couldn't seems to control my bladder so I had to wear pampers for the time being. It was not comfort at all. It took me a longer time to overcome the problem.

I am thankful that my mum and sisters had been such a helpful hand to me during my stay in the hospital. I wanted to thank my relatives too for their time and effort for visiting and cooking dinner for me.

On the day I was checked out of the hospital, I stepped on to the weighing machine and was shocked to see that I had lost 2 kg. So my parents bought me a mcdonald fish burger as a celebration for being checked out. It was delicious! During my stay, I did not have much appetite. Maybe this had contributed to the 2 kg lost.

After the day I was checked out, I was Invited by my kai-ma to go India(Kolkata) to meet her professor. After much thought, me and my mum finally agreed to go on the 3 days 2 night India trip.

I was rather worried yet excited about the trip. We will be staying in a hotel called D.K.International hotel that is commented as "poor man's 5 star hotel". I am looking forward to the chapati and nan over there. Got to taste the original taste of those foods. I hope everything will be smooth during my short trip to India.

Just wait for my next blog update about Kolkata. See you then!
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