Those where the days

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I helped to tidy up my sister's desk this afternoon because her boyfriend complained it's too messy. LOL!

While I was at it, I found a small dusty black booklet that has been left there unwanted for a long time.

Curiously, I flipped through the pages, wondering if anyone has used it before and then.......ekk! Isn't that my handwriting? Yes, it's mine. It was my diary written back in year 2007 when I
was in Form 3.

Lost and found my own diary. I've totally forgotten about it. I didn't know I wrote a diary in 2007. I know I had one in 2006 which I threw it away already.

Maplestory, anime and PMR were all I wrote about. I was addicted to Maplestory back then but had to quit it in order to focus on my studies for PMR. I became addicted to anime after my exam.

I quitted both of them 2 years ago but recently, I missed the days playing Maplestory with my friends thanks to facebook. There's Maplestory Adventures on facebook now but it's not as nice as the original game. I prefer the original as it's more exciting and adventurous. Ahh~I'm missing the game already. There's still many places I haven't explore yet as my character's level wasn't high enough. T^T

I miss the game. I miss, I miss, I really miss it!! *sigh* Those were the days...........

However, I don't dare to download the game for fear of becoming addicted again. I can't afford to flunk my studies.

As for anime, I was once an anime fan but not anymore. I'm too old for it. Hahaha!!

This is Tsubasa Chronicle. One of my favourite anime back then.

I love it, especially the manga as all the characters were beautifully drawn.

Raya break

Monday, August 29, 2011

I was having dinner with my family at a roadside restaurant when we heard a sudden continuous thunderous explode of fireworks in the night sky. Without any further explanation, we knew that it'll be Hari Raya tomorrow. Hereby, I would like to wish all the Malays "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!!"

It's almost midnight already but I can still see the non-stop blast of firecrackers and fireworks. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I'm having a week of holiday right now. Just a temporary break from studies. I can jolly forget all of them. WHee~~~~ Oh wait, wait no. I can't forget about my studies. Finals is just 2 weeks away. T^T I have to pull my socks up or else face the consequence for my laziness. I got a feeling that this one week break can go wasted if I don't use it wisely. There's a lot to study!!! ARGHhhh!!!!!!!

Someone posted this video in facebook. It's a song by Nadhira, a Malaysian singer and Ron E Jones from Australia. Hey, this song is not bad huh.........haha!

Dear diary

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is a post dedicated to my dear diary that has been following me for 3 years since 2009. A book that silently accepts whatever event and feelings I've recorded in it. Although I do post events too in this blog as it's known as my 2nd diary, an i-diary but there are some events and feelings that I couldn't share with everyone because they're too personal.

Tadaa~~ this is my loyal diary. ^_^ ( looks kinda dirty and worn out. Let me clean it. Hehe~)

Here you go. It looks a lot better after cleaning it.

Here's a sneak peak. LOL!

Happy times, dear diary. Sad times, dear diary. Frustrated times, dear diary. Angry times, dear diary. Almost everything under the sky is written in it. Well, most of them are secrets. Hehehe~ I felt a lot at ease every time I lay my handwritings in it. I guess this is the magic a diary can do.

I don't really know when exactly I started to develop my interest in writing diary (and blogging too...). It seems weird for someone to have a blog and diary and loves both at the same time because most of my friends don't. Ahh.......who cares.

Lastly, a picture of me and my diary. XD

There goes my speaking test

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I guess I flunked my speaking test. Flunk, flunk, flunk to the max. T^T

Should I say I wasn't prepared? Yeah......I didn't even care to prepare at all so it's my fault. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Just enter the room, sit down, given a topic, talk and that's all. I thought I can control my fear this time but.................T^T I failed to do so again.

I entered, sat down and the test started. The topic given was "Factors that affect the decision of students in choosing a college or university". Each of us was given a factor to elaborate. Mine was "location of the college or university". Easy right? But I screwed up. My mind went blank when I looked at it. I was like, "eh, what to elaborate?"

Time and tide waits for no one. Before I could elaborate more on my points, time's up. O_O I was lucky that I wasn't the first candidate or else I would straight away threw my paper and ran off. LOL! (exaggerating~) Nah......I was blur because I didn't know which factor should I elaborate on. I guess I wasted some time trying to figure out which factor I should elaborate. Gosh....should have asked the examiner instead. I was the second candidate so I actually had a little more time to think of some points.

Here comes my turn. Seriously, I don't know how to elaborate my points other than "the location of the college or university should be near because (bla~bla~bla~)". So there I went ranting and stammering, not knowing exactly what I was talking about. All I knew was just talk, and talk, and talk............and then I stopped. 2 minutes isn't over yet. Oh god!! Help me!! Then I continue to crap about transportation and safety. I wasn't really sure whatever I was talking about was related to the factor. All I knew was JUST TALK. Finally, I ran out of things to crap about but the time was still not up. I was thinking,"omg, omg, omg, OMG!!!! WH Y HASN'T THE BELL RING???!!!!" then came the sound 'ting..ting..'. Phew! Finally!!! Why did 2 minutes passed this slow!!!!

Then comes the discussion. T^T I don't even want to think about it anymore. I had a hard time stealing an opportunity to talk. Yeah, stealing. T^T

While I was on my way home, I walked passed a food stall and suddenly....."Owh~I didn't talked about food!!" A university must be located at a place where food can be easily found. OMG!!! How could I missed this point? Food is so important!

In a nutshell, I screwed and flunked my speaking test. I'm never going to repeat my mistake again. Never.

Believe what you believe

Saturday, August 20, 2011

" Even if the whole world tells me it's not, I'll still continue to believe what I strongly believe in."

This phrase suddenly came across my mind in this still silent night when I was about to fall asleep. For once, it make sense.

It gives me the courage to continue what I'm doing everytime I feel like giving up. If they say no, I'll try to prove and make them say yes.

I'll continue to believe until the day I see the truth. Who are we to decide whether something is right or wrong, possible or impossible. You'll never know until you've tried. All I need is a little more courage to continue.

I'll still hold on to the end.

A special day

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For chinese, red is an auspicious colour. It also means luck. That's why we only distribute red packets and not packets of any other colours like green, black or blue. Green packet is only used by malays while black is a very inauspicious colour for the chinese.

Red also means luck too.(well, I think so....something like that) What I'm trying to say is I'm feeling lucky and happy today.

When I walked towards the university entrance, I met some of my classmates and they told me that the speaking test today was cancelled. Woohoo!! No english class today!

Happily, I walked away after saying goodbye and searched for my new maths classroom. I walked up the stairs and as I turned a corner, *boom* someone was standing there and I almost banged into him. Eyes widen out of shock, it seems like I stared at him for a little too long. He looked at me and gave an awkward smile. I was like 'oh.....', flash back a faint awkward smile and flee!! LOL!! Eh, wait......wasn't he the guy who's walking in front of me just now? Why was he standing there alone at such a place where there's nobody around? Suspicious~~~ He kinda looked like a pervert. Pfffftt......Hahaha!!! LOL!!

Finally, I reached the 3rd floor and found my class. I thought I was early but there were some people who were even earlier than me. However, I'm still among those early birds. So proud of myself~~ Hahha!! For half an hour, I sat there like an idiot waiting for the class to start.(The lecturer was not even there. I wonder if she knew about the change of location of the class.) In the end, all of us left the class and assumed the class was cancelled. :P

That means I have no classes today. YAY!!! Err....wait, what should I do next?? Just then, a friend who is a group member of the accounting assignment asked if I would like to join her for lunch. Yay! I won't be having lunch alone today. Little did I know that I'll not be having lunch together with her but also with her gang.

As usual, especially if you're to have lunch or dinner with your friends, the most difficult question to answer is :" Where to eat?!". We walked undecidedly all around Jusco food court and finally entered Hailam Kopitiam. It's funny that we segregated each other between girls and guys during lunch. The girls will be talking among themselves while the guys will be in their own world. I ordered hailam nasi lemak(actually I've forgotten the name of the dish I ordered.....hehe ^^) because it's the cheapest dish I can find in the food menu. ONLY rm6.80. Nonetheless, I love the dish. The rice has a nice aroma of ginger and lemongrass cooked in it and goes well with the chili sauce that comes along.

Actually my friend and I were suppose to discuss about the assignment after lunch but decided to postpone it because we're too lazy. LOL! Our shopping mood was turned on once we stepped into the Jusco shopping mall. Nah......we just walked around for a few minutes and went back after that.

I don't really know what I'm happy about. Is it because there's no classes today? Or I'm simply happy because I'm starting to like my life in MMU? I don't know. All I know is today is an extraordinary special day and that's what makes me happy.

There goes my speaking challenge

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As you know, today is Tuesday. It's also the day I had to stand and speak in front of 83 people(my biggest fear!!!!).

As I walked into the class, I prayed :"Please forget, please forget, madam please forget!". But then....I wasn't that lucky this time. Of course she remembered what she said last week. How can she not?

Here she goes :"I must be fair to all the students. I know there are some people who haven't do their speaking challenge last week. Ker Loon??"

=_=""""" WTH??!!! I'm the first??!!!

I remained silent and madam asked again :"Ker Loon here?"

Somebody replied :"Toilet."

OMG!!! Hahaha! LOL?? Toilet? Damn! Am I that unnoticeable? *sigh* I was actually sitting in the middle of the crowd. LOL!

In the end, I did my presentation and WOOHOO~!!! It's finally over!!!! XD
Nobody knows how glad and happy I am. It's as if a huge big rock is lifted from my shoulders and I feel so light I can fly~~!!! I don't even care how I did, how much I trembled or if anyone understood what I said. All I knew is I'm FREE!!!!!! Well, temporarily free. My real speaking test is this coming Thursday and I'm the first group. *sigh* Again......T^T

Please wish me luck, guys!

I'm a procrastinator :D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a procrastinator I am. I planned to study but ended up doing nothing.

Every week, I'll stuff those economics and accounting books in my backpack and tell myself 'I'm going to study this weekend' but I always ignore those books when I'm back home, then regret after that. This thing just seems to repeat itself over and over again.

I'll be saying 'Oh well, I'll study next week!'....and when next week comes, the same thing happens. So, I'll drag and drag and drag while my to-do list grows longer and longer and longer. Until the day that I realise my final exam is near, that's when I started to regret and get stressful and complain about all the stuffs I had to accomplish.

Although I've figured out what's my problem but I can't seems to do anything to get rid of it. I've tried many methods, from sticking to-do notes to praying but failed eventually. Epic fail!!! LOL! I guess this is what they say bad habits die hard.

Every year, I'll visit the temple and pray to god. This is what I'll pray :"Amithabha, please make me a good girl this year. I'll be hardworking and excel in my studies. I hope everything will be smooth this year. Thank you."

Hahaha!! I know, I know. Stupid of me. Why would god want to help lazy people like me? God must be shaking his head in dismay when he hear me say this. LOL!

Which korean idol is beautiful?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My mum looked at me this morning while I was busy preparing myself for the speaking challenge that I'd be having during english class(which eventually didn't get to) and commented:" What's with your hair? Don't you want to make yourself look more presentable?"


She continued :"As a girl, you must know how to dress up and make up to make yourself look better."

Ngek...ngek...ngek....okay. I know exactly what she meant but I just don't know where, when and how to start. Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? LOL

Of course it's every girl's dream to look pretty, beautiful and gorgeous and let every girl and guy go crazy about them. It's a fact. Any girl who disagrees with me isn't a girl.

Okay, let's just skip my part.

As a huge fan of kpop, I'll like to introduce my list of pretty korean idols.

I'm sure you guys heard of or know about a famous korean idol girl group called Girl's Generation.


Years ago when I first know about this group, it was when they're promoting their mini-album song 'Gee'. It's a popular song I'm sure all of you have heard before. Back then, I thought all of them were ugly. I was like 'Ewww.....' LOL! Eyesight problem? But the more I looked at them, the more I fall for their beauty. Still, I don't think all of then are pretty. Hehehe~

The most beautiful of them I would say is Tiffany.

Rumors spread about her having plastic surgery before debut. Well, who cares she got surgery or not. It's a common thing in Korea anyway. I just love the way she looks...(after surgery?) especially her eye-smile. It's very captivating.

Second would be Yuri~

Though at first sight she really does look like Yoona. In fact, all the members looked alike at first sight. I'm serious.

Coming up third is After School's Nana! (I know....weird group name)

Well, I can't think of any more so I'll just stop at these top 3.
Wait, how about T-ara?

Hyomin? Jiyeon? Eunjung? Err....I don't know. Again, similar faces. One thing for sure is I admire their hair. I want their hair!! My hair sucks!!! T^T

A nervous-for-nothing day

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was suppose to have my 3 minutes speaking challenge today and I thought I can be free after that but... T_T it's time's up when my turn was near. Hz.......I was so nervous for nothing. Sat in the small cold room shivering, I waited patiently but nervously for my turn to come but who knows.........there isn't enough time.

Then Mrs. Pearl said:"I need to be fair to all the students. Those who have not come out, you will be speaking in front of the class for the next lesson together with PM02."

OMG!!! That means I'll be speaking in front of 83 people?!! OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! I'm so gonna freak out!!! T______T Curse my luck la~~~ yyoooorrrr!!!!!!! I thought I can sing freely without any burden tomorrow. Maybe god thinks I'm not prepared enough for the challenge(Indeed I am). XD

I'm going to Celcius ktv this Friday night!!! Woohoo~~ It's my dad's suggestion to have a karaoke session. high ah?? XD LOL!

How I wish to forget all about those assignment and quizzes that seems to be no end at all. Holidays, oh holidays, I can't wait for you to come. I miss you! Haha!!

My facebook homepage is full of post of people expressing their relieve, happiness and satisfaction after getting their A-level results. It seems like everyone got straight A's and some even higher. This makes we wonder: Is it that easy to score straight A's? Or they've suddenly become really smart?

Annoying assignments

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quizzes! Assignments!! Please go away!! Far, far away! Shhooo~~!!!
Ish.....T^T It's piling higher and higher already.
Someone just told me that there are economics assignment and quiz starting from today till next week. @_@
That means....
1.) group dynamics assignment
2.) accounting assignment (the hardest of all and I've no idea how to do it...@_@)
3.) accounting quiz
4.) maths assignment
5.) economics assignment
6.) economics quiz
7.) English summary quiz (phew....just done this today)

@_@~~~ A total of both quizzes and assignments. ROARRR!!!!

Happy mood

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I was humming the glee song - "get it right", especially the chorus part spontaneously during maths class today. The guy beside me must've thought I'm crazy or annoying but I just couldn't stopped myself. Opps....sorry. Hahaha!!!

But how many times will it take?
Oh, how many times will it take for me...
To get it right?
To get it right~

Lalalalala~~~I'm in a happy mood today. :D Woohoo~~~

I just logged in mmls and and found a file posted by an economics lecturer stating "Please kindly check your result posted". Oh~the result is out already? Well, that isn't posted by my lecturer so my result isn't there but I still opened the file out of curiosity. Full mark is 20% and I saw 4 people got 19.5%. OOOoooo~~~~wow! Who is that? I know I will not get 19.5% even though I've studied economics before. I bet the percentage of someone getting full marks in my class will be higher. That's for sure.

Restless days

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I was reading through my Facebook news feeds and came across this.

TIP TO REDUCE WEIGHT: Turn your head to the left and then turn to the right. Repeat exercise when offered something to eat...
6 hours ago · ·

Hahaha! Amazing tip!! I'm gonna tell this to my dad. Best exercise ever. LOL!


I'm super tired today as well as yesterday due to my habit of sleeping late at night. Me and my sisters stayed up late last Saturday, did some facebook stalking(O_O), chat and laughed till the wee hours of the morning. Sisters' bonding time. Hahaha! Thus I ended up with large dark eye circles for the whole day. =_= Like a walking panda.

Oh, wonder I felt as if I'm dreaming again during economics class. At least I kept convincing myself that I'm still dreaming.(self brainwashing) LOL!

*sigh* Again, I'm gonna rant on assignments and quizzes. Just as I thought the hectic period is over, assignments came flooding in again. English writing quiz this Thursday, Group Dynamics writing assignment to be due next week, maths assignment, accounting assignment and what more? economics assignment(coming soon....I'm sure). ARghh!!!!!!! #$%!#!$#!!

The question I got for group dynamics is "Were anyone's idea ignored? Criticized? Were yours?" and am expected to write a full page long assignment for it. Huh? Huh? Huh??!! What am I suppose to write? I don't knnnnoooowwwww~~~~~ boohoo~~~S.O.S!! Or rather S.M.S(save my soul)!!!

This song is really nice! It's from Glee cast. The main reason that made me watch Glee is because the songs they sing are really nice. I love the singing part the most!
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