Those where the days

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I helped to tidy up my sister's desk this afternoon because her boyfriend complained it's too messy. LOL!

While I was at it, I found a small dusty black booklet that has been left there unwanted for a long time.

Curiously, I flipped through the pages, wondering if anyone has used it before and then.......ekk! Isn't that my handwriting? Yes, it's mine. It was my diary written back in year 2007 when I
was in Form 3.

Lost and found my own diary. I've totally forgotten about it. I didn't know I wrote a diary in 2007. I know I had one in 2006 which I threw it away already.

Maplestory, anime and PMR were all I wrote about. I was addicted to Maplestory back then but had to quit it in order to focus on my studies for PMR. I became addicted to anime after my exam.

I quitted both of them 2 years ago but recently, I missed the days playing Maplestory with my friends thanks to facebook. There's Maplestory Adventures on facebook now but it's not as nice as the original game. I prefer the original as it's more exciting and adventurous. Ahh~I'm missing the game already. There's still many places I haven't explore yet as my character's level wasn't high enough. T^T

I miss the game. I miss, I miss, I really miss it!! *sigh* Those were the days...........

However, I don't dare to download the game for fear of becoming addicted again. I can't afford to flunk my studies.

As for anime, I was once an anime fan but not anymore. I'm too old for it. Hahaha!!

This is Tsubasa Chronicle. One of my favourite anime back then.

I love it, especially the manga as all the characters were beautifully drawn.

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