There goes my speaking challenge

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As you know, today is Tuesday. It's also the day I had to stand and speak in front of 83 people(my biggest fear!!!!).

As I walked into the class, I prayed :"Please forget, please forget, madam please forget!". But then....I wasn't that lucky this time. Of course she remembered what she said last week. How can she not?

Here she goes :"I must be fair to all the students. I know there are some people who haven't do their speaking challenge last week. Ker Loon??"

=_=""""" WTH??!!! I'm the first??!!!

I remained silent and madam asked again :"Ker Loon here?"

Somebody replied :"Toilet."

OMG!!! Hahaha! LOL?? Toilet? Damn! Am I that unnoticeable? *sigh* I was actually sitting in the middle of the crowd. LOL!

In the end, I did my presentation and WOOHOO~!!! It's finally over!!!! XD
Nobody knows how glad and happy I am. It's as if a huge big rock is lifted from my shoulders and I feel so light I can fly~~!!! I don't even care how I did, how much I trembled or if anyone understood what I said. All I knew is I'm FREE!!!!!! Well, temporarily free. My real speaking test is this coming Thursday and I'm the first group. *sigh* Again......T^T

Please wish me luck, guys!

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