Have a laugh

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Muahahahaha!! This guy ar.......this guy.......haih........
Check mate!
Game over! LOL! 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OMG!!! It's The Hobbit! The Hobbit! I'm so excited! Too bad I have to wait till next year December. *sigh*

Years ago when I was 16, I was a librarian. Ah.......I was a librarian in a small 105 year old secondary school called Canossa Convent. The library was located at the top of the hall where some people think it's eerie. Being a poor school, it couldn't afford to have any air-conditioner in the library. Nobody want to put themselves in a hot and stuffy library after an exhausting day at school. Come on.......would you? It's like putting yourself into a hot oven. Some students have not even once stepped into the library throughout their years in the school before. So you can imagine how the library looked like without any students but only us librarians and racks of books.

Back then I was just a normal librarian and all I was assigned to do was arrange the books. It's a rather silly job when the books were often left barely touched. Some of the books were even covered with dust so thick that it'll scare you off the moment you see it. You wouldn't want to lay your fingers on them.

One day, as usual I wandered around the library searching for interesting storybooks while pretending like I'm arranging the books. Books by books, my hands ran over them until at last I picked up a peculiar looking book. It iwas a thick, black hardcover book with nothing but the title "The Hobbit" printed on it. It really looked like a secretive book to me. So, out of curiosity, I took it home and never regret reading it.

It is a magical story of Bilbo Baggins and his journey to Lonely Mountain to reclaim a treasure stolen by Smaug the dragon. This story is somehow related to "The Lord of the Rings" as both stories are written by the same author, J. R. R. Tolkien. If you're a fan of "The Lord of the Rings", I'm sure you'll love "The Hobbit" too.

Woohoo~ I can't wait to watch it in the cinema next year.

2011: It took me a year

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It took me a year.
It took me a year to understand that I'm just nothing.
It took me a year to realise I'm just a bystander.
It took me a year to escape from this psychological struggle.
It took me a year to shook of the unhappiness in me.
It took me a year for me to recover myself.
And the year is 2011.

I spent a year asking myself:
"Why me?"
"What wrong had I done?"

But now, I'm thankful that it happened. I'm glad because it all happened for a reason.
There is always a reason behind everything that happened in my life.
At least that's what I believe.

Within a year, I left many people and met many people. Whoever they are, I've never once regret meeting them.

2011 will be ending in a few more days. like 2010, it is also a year that has left an impact on me. All that had happened made me realise life is not just life but the twists and turns. Because of them, my life is colorful.

Thank you 2011 and goodbye.

A trip to Penang

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Came back from a fun Penang trip and this is what I remember.

Day 1
Breakfast: Fried Kuey Teow
Lunch: Fried Kuey Teow
Dinner: Fried Kuey Teow

Day 2
Breakfast: Fried Kuey Teow
Lunch: Fried Kuey Teow
Dinner: Fried Kuey Teow

Day 3
Breakfast: Fried Kuey Teow
Lunch: Fried Kuey Teow
Dinner: Fried Kuey Teow

Day 4
Breakfast: Fried Kuey Teow
Lunch: Fried Kuey Teow
Dinner: Fried Kuey Teow


Nah......just kidding. I didn't literally had just fried kuey teow everyday but I ate 6 plates within 4 days of visit to Penang.

Whenever I went, I'm sure to find fried kuey teow stalls without fail. I can't help having the idea that it is a common dish in Penang.

Penang did have it's famous foods. Asam laksa, lo bak and of course fried kuey teow.

Talk about that plate of most famous fried kuey teow in Penang, it got to be the most expensive fried kuey teow I've ever eaten. Price range from rm7.00 to rm8.00 per plate! WTH! That's double the normal price. ROARRR!!!!! Even though it's yummy(not that awesome as I expected) I will never ever pay rm7.50 for another plate of fried kuey teow ever again.

Anyway, it was a nice trip from Malacca to Penang. Though tired but worthwhile.

We stopped by Ipoh on our way to Penang. Ipoh is a place surrounded by beautiful mountains. Maybe my next trip will be Ipoh. Can't wait to visit Tambun hot spring. Woohoo~~

Short and inspiring video

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have you heard of Nick Vujicic, the guy with no arms and legs? Yeah....he's born without any limbs.

Watch this video and get inspired.

Whenever I feel down, I watch and get inspired. And each and every time I watch, I cried.
I cried because I know I have no right to be sad and fret over my 'problems'. They're nothing compared to his.
I cried because I admire his courage to face his problems, get over them and conquer them.

He'll forever be an inspiring character in my heart and also someone I admire.
Yeah, I admire courageous people.

Of course if you watched any other of his video or the video above, you'll find many inspiring quotes.

I have my favourite one here.

Be optimistic!

Monday, December 19, 2011

I broke my bottle handle.
Lost my phone.
Lost my file.


From the pessimistic point of view, it's called unfortunate.

But when viewed optimistically, it's called fortunate.

It's just a bottle handle. At least I can still drink water from the bottle.
Lost my phone? That means it's time for me to change my phone.
Just a file with some not-really-important notes. I'll just use another file since I have so many more.

When you feel down, try to look at your problems from a different perspective of view. Life isn't that difficult when you view it optimistically.

Just remember......

The most difficult person to please is yourself.
The easiest person to please is also yourself.

So just chill and relax. Don't be too harsh on yourself as sometimes it brings no good at all.


Why is JYP's Joo a failure?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I know it's very bad to call someone a failure but then she is known to be a failure of JYP company although she is not exactly a failure to me.

Who is Joo?

Do you know about Joo? Most people haven't heard of her and that's the reason why she became the failure.

Joo debuted in 2008 at the age of 18 with single "Because of A Man".

3 reasons why Joo is a failure:

Not competent enough
It's hard shine in the competitive korean music industry when you don't have either looks or talents especially if you're going solo. The music industry is just too cluttered with many groups and solos. There's approximately a total of 60 so far and still counting. There will be more coming in 2012. So, in order to standout from the crowd, you need to look good and have strong talent in singing if you're going solo. A very good example of someone with looks and talent is IU. Well, I'm not saying Joo is ugly but not appealing enough. It's just that to compete in the music industry, you really have to standout.

Not being well promoted
It's important for companies to promote their singers and it's important for them to do so. However, JYP did not put enough effort to promote Joo. JYP should have promote Joo's two single "Because of a man" and "Bad guy" which I find them rather good but sadly, JYP didn't. IU isn't really popular when she just debuted until the release of her hit song "Good day" which seems to make her popular overnight. That was when LEON Entertainment company discovers the 'hidden gem'. With the company continuously promoting IU, she's now shining brighter and ever. I do hope that Joo will be able to shine like IU someday.

Past scandals
There have been scandals lurking around revealing Joo's past that have contributed to her downfall.

Here's a picture showing her smoking with her friends at a young age. I got this picture from allkpop. Hmm.....I wonder who took and uploaded these pictures. It must have been taken years ago.

So these are mainly the reasons for Joo's downfall.


Now, I'll like to show you something else. I stumbled upon an article about Joo in allkpop.

What pissed me off is the way the article was written.

Along with SNSD’s Yoona and Sooyoungthe failure JOO, from JYP Entertainment has also graduated from high school on February 12th. She will be moving on to attend Dong-guk University, the same university where SNSD‘s Yoona and Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye will be studying.

Seriously? Do you have to emphasis "the failure"?

JOO celebrated the night of her graduation with tons of alcohol and a bunch of trashed people. Just kidding.

And "with tons of alcohol and a bunch of trashed people"?

The party girl’s pictures from graduation:
You’d think JYP would make JOO look a little less uglier more presentable on her graduation day.

And this? WTH?!!

Here’s the only song I know one of JOO’s songs, Because of a Man.

Is there a need to emphasis it's the only song you know?

This is all pure sarcasm and biased. This is such a let down that allkpop would write these kind of stuff. Allkpop should feel ashamed for publishing this article. I hope allkpop will delete this article because it does nothing but to tarnish the idol's image.

Here's another song by Joo that's in my opinion, better than "Because of a Man". Do give this a try.

Song title: Bad Guy (feat 2pm Chansung)

I hope JYP doesn't ditch her just like that and gave her another chance. Looking forward to hear some news about her soon.

So what do you thing about Joo? Do you thing she has the potential or is she really a failure of JYP?
Do share with me your opinions.

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Polka dots crazy!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm so obsessed with polka dots lately especially polka dot blouses and dresses. It has a vintage style yet so cute and eye-catching. Don't you think so?

My friend commented: "Eeee......those polka dot clothes are like the 70's fashion la..."

I don't care. I just think polka dots are so so so cute! In fact, I love 70's vintage fashion style.

I don't care if it's just a background....

Or a blouse.....

Or a dress.....

Or flats.....

Or a headband.....

But please, NOT polka dot pants.

Oh gosh......It's like a fashion disaster to me.

This little girl looks so cute in polka dot dress. Oh my gosh! How I wish I look like her.

So cute!

Chinese New Year is around the corner in approximately one more month. It's the time again to shop for new clothes. Woohoo~

I'm going for a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.
Assignments, stand aside! Lalalalala~~~


Monday, December 12, 2011

You like me, you like me not.......
You love me, you love me not.......
You hate me, you hate me not.......
You forget me, please, forget me not.

Forget me not. A very queer name for a flower. I wonder who named it at the first place. Who named it, you ask? Wikipedia is the solution and the answer is God.

According to German legend, god named all the plants and flowers except for a tiny unnamed one who cried out: "Forget-me-not, O Lord!". Upon hearing, God replied: "That shall be you name." Hence, the name forget-me-not is given.

Like its name, it's a flower that represents true, faithful love. It can be romantic for some people but secretive to me. Blue with a hint of purple, definitely a secretive colour to me.

Don't you love this forget-me-not colour? Because I do and I couldn't forget about it.
(I don't know what is the name of this colour so I just name it the forget-me-not colour.)

The gorgeous dress of my dream

Saturday, December 10, 2011

There goes another last minute study for maths: Probability and Statistics. I know I shouldn't do any last-minute work by now as I'm 19 years old right? But I just couldn't help it.

The devil Amber kept saying: "Ah......it's just maths after all. It's just a mid-test. It's only two chapters. No worries!"

Angel Amber: "Oh freak! Why are you always listening to the devil?! Please..........damn."

Don't worry. My mid-test is already over. It was okay. Looks like my last-minute study worked again. Muahaha~

Oh well, although I can handle this last minute task this time but I'm sure this bad habit is going to eat me up someday and force me to face the consequences. *sobs*

You know I'm a k-pop fan, right? (Almost an addict.) If you don't, now you know. That's why I'm constantly following k-pop news from allkpop. No. I don't read ALL the news. Just a few here and there daily and that's enough.

I just want to share something.

My ideal dream dress!


After School's UEE showing off her Barbie trophy she received from '2011 Barbie & Ken Awards'.

It's the dress on that barbie I'm talking about! OMG!!! That's  so so soooooo gorgeous!!! I wouldn't mind if it's just a trophy. No wonder UEE is proud of it.
If you didn't notice, she's wearing the same dress as her barbie trophy. OMG! I want that dress!!! T^T

By the way, that dress looks like some kind of fairylike wedding dress. Okay, I've decided. That dress is going to be my wedding dress.

*cough...cough..* Maybe it's a little too early for me to think of wedding. Hahaha!

A visitor from an invisible country

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My blog stats per day isn't stable at all. Some days, I can reach 40+ pageviews (rarely) while other days I only get 1 pageview (rarely nowadays).

A few days ago, I checked my stats (I check almost on daily basis) and found there's only 1 visitor. Curiously and automatically, my mouse found its' way to the Audience button and clicked it.

This is what I got.

1 visitor from Puerto Rico!

(rubbed my eyes....)

(after 10 seconds...)


I was wondering if blogger had forgotten to highlight the location of Puerto Rico on the map with green colour. Later on, I googled and found out Puerto Rico is an island located somewhere along the Caribbean Sea.

Somewhere in the circled area.

Puerto Rico is so tiny, as tiny as Singapore (perhaps smaller?) that it couldn't be seen in this map. Perhaps blogger should enlarge the map so that these tiny little islands can be seen someday.

Chasing dreams

Friday, December 2, 2011

Quote of the day:

"A dream is not just a dream if only we have the courage and determination to make it happen.
You are the owner of your dream and it's up to you to make it happen."

Do you have any dreams?
I am not talking about the dream you have when you're asleep but the dreams of your life.

Everybody has a dream.
What is yours?
How do you define it?

To me, dreams are often the opposite of reality. In fact a dream is an ideal illusion we create in our mind.

A dream is a simple thing that everyone have, can have and should have. I believe it's healthy to have dreams as it serves as a guidance in life. Dream is something you want to achieve in life, a goal, a compass of you life. A person without a dream is like a boat sailing aimlessly in the middle of the deep wide ocean, not knowing where to head. Without dream, life is meaningless and one cannot go far. When there is dream, there is hope and future.

Different people have different dreams. Some want it big, to work in a big company, have a luxurious life; while others want it simple, to live a peaceful and blissful life.

I used to be (still am) that poor aimless boat floating in the middle of the ocean. That's why I chose A-levels, not because I'm smart but to lengthen the time span of another one and a half year for me to determine what I want to study in the future. So, one and a half year passed and I still couldn't decide.

In the end, I accepted my dad's proposal to study foundation in management which I'll then proceed to take degree in accounting next year. The reason my dad gave was accounting jobs are always highly in demand and there is a tiny chance that accountants will face a job crisis. So I accept dad's proposal thinking maybe it's the best for me?

Until today, I still doubt myself in making the right decision. Many questions flooded my mind. What if I find out accounting isn't the thing I want to study? What if I regret on my decision only years later? Will it be too late? All these I-don't-know-what-to-do feelings are suffocating at times.

Despite all those doubts, I have a dream........and my dream is to be the daring heroine in my heart that is brave enough to overcome all obstacles and be the owner of my dreams. (If that makes any sense to you)

Here's an interesting short story I stumbled upon in Wikipedia.

Life is a Dream

The King of Poland has kept his son Segismundo secretly imprisoned since birth because an oracle prophesied that the prince would bring disaster to the country. Telling his subjects that the boy died soon after childbirth, he manages to keep his son hidden until he has grown to be a man. When Segismundo reaches maturity, the King wishes to reveal his son at last, restoring the Prince as rightful heir to the throne. The King brings Segismundo to court and tells him about his Princely heritage. This discovery makes him violent, however, and he rages, killing a servant, attempting to rape a woman, and injuring the King's advisor.
Horrified and certain of the truthfulness of the prophecy, the King has Segismundo drugged and returned to his tower prison. Upon waking he mourns, believing the previous day's events had been nothing more than a dream.
Though he remains oblivious in his cell, the people have discovered Segismundo's plight and break him out of prison. Though Segismundo rejoices, he cannot be sure whether this new development is, in fact, reality or still just a dream.
The rebels persist, though, and Segismundo raises an army of the people. Together they defeat the king, but Segismundo cannot take his father's life. Moved at this gesture, the King proclaims Segismundo heir to his throne. As ruler, he resolves to live by the motto that "God is God," acknowledging that one must strive for goodness whether he is asleep or awake.

Oh my idols!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

I saw this post on my sister's Facebook wall yesterday.

Rui Lin
 ·  · Tuesday at 8:08pm · 

My response??

Amber Tan  
SHIT U!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH WTH WHTHTHWTHH!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jealous*

Then I proceeded to blast out my 'bu shuang' feelings or discontentment as my Facebook status.......

Amber Tan 
While I was trapped in the boring life in MMU yesterday, my sister saw SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, BEAST and MISS A LIVE!!! WTH!! LIVE?! OMG!!!! GOD!! WHY??!?!!! I'm so jealous I wanna kill myself dy. T^T 
 ·  · Wednesday at 6:58pm

Which surprisingly attracted some likes. =_="

These korean idols were there for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards which was held in Singapore which means there were other groups that attended the award ceremony as well. 

Having such a luck to catch a live glimpse of your favourite idols even just for a few minutes can give you a good adrenaline rush and make you high for the rest of the weeks. At least that's the kind of adrenaline rush I'll get if I get to see my favourite idols in front of me.

It's been two years since my very first concert with my most favourite idol Super Junior!! I'm still having adrenaline rush each time I think of that concert. =D


My two top favourite groups Super junior and f(x) will be here in Malaysia soon in another 2 days!!! Too bad I couldn't attend because I have to get myself prepared for my mid-term which is coming soon too. 5 more days to go. Arghh!!!

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