Be optimistic!

Monday, December 19, 2011

I broke my bottle handle.
Lost my phone.
Lost my file.


From the pessimistic point of view, it's called unfortunate.

But when viewed optimistically, it's called fortunate.

It's just a bottle handle. At least I can still drink water from the bottle.
Lost my phone? That means it's time for me to change my phone.
Just a file with some not-really-important notes. I'll just use another file since I have so many more.

When you feel down, try to look at your problems from a different perspective of view. Life isn't that difficult when you view it optimistically.

Just remember......

The most difficult person to please is yourself.
The easiest person to please is also yourself.

So just chill and relax. Don't be too harsh on yourself as sometimes it brings no good at all.


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