The influences of k-pop

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you heard of Wonder Girls? Big bang? Super Junior? SNSD? f(x)? U-kiss? Beast? 4minute? Teen Top? MBLAQ? BoA? IU? (and the list goes on and on and on). I wouldn't want to list all of them as it'll be a waste of time. There is seriously too many groups produced in the korean music industry. So do you know any of the groups I've listed? At least 3? Are you a fan of k-pop too? Or you're a k-drama fan? Am I asking a tad too much? XD

For the past few years, the popularity of k-pop has been growing steadily across Malaysia and also in other countries like Phillippines, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia too. Now, the k-pop influence is starting to spread gradually across western countries. SM town concert held in Paris and New York this year are proves.

With the k-pop craze spreading across the world, it has nonetheless asserted many influences towards teenagers nowadays (especially asian teenagers).

The obvious influence has to be fashion.

SNSD vs f(x)

Korean fashion is no doubt a hit among asians.
Baggy shirts, tight pants, short pants and high heels.
A match of any of these produce a casual yet trendy fashion. Besides, it gives one the illusion of a slimmer and taller stature.

The second will be make up and beauty.
It isn't difficult to see why.

Oh so perfect & pretty!

It's every girl's dream to have a perfect natural glowing skin.

With korean idols promoting a natural flawless look, teenagers are getting more and more self-conscious of their own appearance which indirectly drives self-improvement. Therefore, makeup products like foundation and bb cream are used to achieve that ideal look.

Besides, the makeup wore by korean idols have been inspiring many people to follow them.
Here are some korean idol inspired makeup tutorials.

One of my favourite tutorials.
In the end, she looks more like Sandara Park than CL. LOL!

Korean modern dance is also one of the few major influences. Go and watch Music Bank on KBS or any of the group's mv. Most of their mv comes with a package which offers addictive songs with awesome dance moves. It's a no wonder why people are getting more and more interested in learning those dances.

Watch this full mv:

It's SHINee's Lucifer! One of my all time favourites.

Then the dance practice (highly reccommended):

Superb, fabulous, awesome!

I saw an interesting comment regarding this dance practice video.

What kind of fabric is taemin's shirt? 1% cotton 99% sexy


This is how k-pop have influenced me in terms of fashion and beauty. I also tried learning f(x)'s Pinocchio dance steps but gave up because I don't have the talents. ( sad)

How about you? How did k-pop influenced you?


  1. Hey, I actually saw that same comment on the SHINee dance practice video^^It's true though, I couldn't really concentrate on the others because Taemin's shirt was/is so amazing!

    I have to say I think the K-Pop industry is doing something quite "dangerous" in creating such strong beauty and perfection. I have to say I have been influenced by K-Pop as well (I buy cosmetics from Korea) but as I am not Asian and I will never ever have a stature of one, I am quite at a loss when it comes to delving into their fashion. I just can't wear that stuff. And it gets a bit disheartening after a while when you hear all the male idols speak about their "ideal girls". As long as reasonably intelligent, a bit sarcastic people with a bit of a pendence for dark and dry humour that are outspoken and definitely not submissive; aren't on the list of desirable female companions, I guess I don't stand a chance.

    Of course, there are also positive influences like that K-Dramas taught me (I know, hard to believe) that girls don't need boyfriends at the age of 12 latest and sex at the age of 14. The slow progression in relationships are a refreshing change from what I'm used from Western shows. The greatest influence K-Pop has on my life is that I found myself becoming more confident in my interests, I found new friends, found out going out doesn't have to be a hardship as long as K-Pop is played at least part of the night^^ I discovered that I love dancing, that Asians really differ from each other in terms of looks (at the beginning I was just terrified of Super Junior. To me they all looked the same except the ones I thought attractive and there are so many of them), that music really isn't all about the lyrics or the language they are sung in, etc.

    ok... I think I rambled a bit... Just... don't get me started on K-Pop...


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