Never look back again.......

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Sunway classmates are here for a Malacca trip. Well, I can't really say but have to admit that I kind of miss them. I wish I can meet them again but I guess that can never happen. :(

I guess I must let go of them and everything in Sunway. The photos of parties and trips posted on Facebook without me is so disturbing. That's it! I'm not going to online for the next whole week. I'm not letting those memories rush back to me anymore. To make me sad again. Its time to let go,Ker Loon. Its MAZE time!!! ( if you have read that book) =D

Things will never be the same forever. They change and so should I! I'll try my best to forget about my 'old cheese' and look forward to my 'new cheese'. Probably someday, I will be able to throw away my 'old cheese' will a smile without any trace of regret. :) Cheers!
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