Feeling stressful?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It has been days since my last post. It isn't because I'm away or anything else but the horrifying loads of assignments. I've been chasing after the due date which is tomorrow. Busy, busy busy......arrgh!!

Anyway, I'll try to keep this post as short and sweet as possible.

Are you feeling stressful lately? SPM, STPM, A-levels or final exams around the corner? Assignment due dates coming close?

Then here's something for you.

WARNING: Use at your own risk!

Whoa!! Halt!
Please don't bang on your computer screen la~~!

Hahaha! What an ingenious idea somebody invented isn't it?

I remembered back when I studied in Sunway University, I used to see this a lot. It was pasted on every door of the lecture room. I've always wonder if anyone really gave their head a good bang on this kit? If that person really did, he or she must be feeling ridiculously stressful. Or maybe he or she has nothing better to do. LOL!

That's all for today. Remember to check back for my next post which will be coming........soon? (I hope so!)

The influences of k-pop

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you heard of Wonder Girls? Big bang? Super Junior? SNSD? f(x)? U-kiss? Beast? 4minute? Teen Top? MBLAQ? BoA? IU? (and the list goes on and on and on). I wouldn't want to list all of them as it'll be a waste of time. There is seriously too many groups produced in the korean music industry. So do you know any of the groups I've listed? At least 3? Are you a fan of k-pop too? Or you're a k-drama fan? Am I asking a tad too much? XD

For the past few years, the popularity of k-pop has been growing steadily across Malaysia and also in other countries like Phillippines, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia too. Now, the k-pop influence is starting to spread gradually across western countries. SM town concert held in Paris and New York this year are proves.

With the k-pop craze spreading across the world, it has nonetheless asserted many influences towards teenagers nowadays (especially asian teenagers).

The obvious influence has to be fashion.

SNSD vs f(x)

Korean fashion is no doubt a hit among asians.
Baggy shirts, tight pants, short pants and high heels.
A match of any of these produce a casual yet trendy fashion. Besides, it gives one the illusion of a slimmer and taller stature.

The second will be make up and beauty.
It isn't difficult to see why.

Oh so perfect & pretty!

It's every girl's dream to have a perfect natural glowing skin.

With korean idols promoting a natural flawless look, teenagers are getting more and more self-conscious of their own appearance which indirectly drives self-improvement. Therefore, makeup products like foundation and bb cream are used to achieve that ideal look.

Besides, the makeup wore by korean idols have been inspiring many people to follow them.
Here are some korean idol inspired makeup tutorials.

One of my favourite tutorials.
In the end, she looks more like Sandara Park than CL. LOL!

Korean modern dance is also one of the few major influences. Go and watch Music Bank on KBS or any of the group's mv. Most of their mv comes with a package which offers addictive songs with awesome dance moves. It's a no wonder why people are getting more and more interested in learning those dances.

Watch this full mv:

It's SHINee's Lucifer! One of my all time favourites.

Then the dance practice (highly reccommended):

Superb, fabulous, awesome!

I saw an interesting comment regarding this dance practice video.

What kind of fabric is taemin's shirt? 1% cotton 99% sexy


This is how k-pop have influenced me in terms of fashion and beauty. I also tried learning f(x)'s Pinocchio dance steps but gave up because I don't have the talents. (Aww....so sad)

How about you? How did k-pop influenced you?

About my blog

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A few days ago, someone asked me this question:

"What should I write about?"

Yes. It's her first time blogging.

That is the same question I asked myself years ago when I first signed up for blogger. Without any knowledge about blogging (I don't even know the existence of blogger or how a blog looks like......(so noob)), I joined blogger because all my friends have it. I'm just a teenager back then (still am) so I guess it's normal for me to follow suit?

So what did I blogged about?

Like most people, I make blogger as my diary and write about my life and thoughts (that's how my blog title is derived). You can have a look here. I didn't bother whether anyone read or visited my blog. It was until recently that I discovered blogger actually provides Stats which makes it easier for us bloggers to monitor our blogs. There are 4 sections:
  1. Overview - lets you see the number of view on your blog at that moment, day, week, month and overall since the day you started blogging.
  2. Posts - lets you see what are the popular post others have been reading on your blog.
  3. Traffic sources - you can know from where your blog readers have been referred to your blog.
  4. Audience - who are you blog readers? Where are they from?

So after I learned about blog stats, I realised that very few people have been reading my blog. My highest pageviews per month was only 57 (oh pity me~~~). That was when I got motivated and decided to blog more. Within a month, my pageviews per month shot up to 270 which shocks me and motivates me even more. Okay, I know 270 pageviews is a pitiful amount compared to those experienced bloggers who can reach 1000 pageviews within a day but who cares.......at least I got some encouragement.

I've been a blogger for 2 years, laying inactive until 6 months ago. Of course I've visited quite some blogs, often seeing the nuffnang logo in them. But I've never questioned about the logo until yesterday. Out of curiosity while visiting one of the blogs, I clicked on the nuffnang logo and was immediately directed to their website. That was the moment I regretted for not finding out what nuffnang was. Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community which can help you make money (provided if you are a successfulblogger). Damn! I should have signed up for it earlier. I should have signed up the moment I created this blog! Arghh!!! Who knows I might have earned RM0.50 or RM1.00 if I did. Who knows right? And hey! RM0.50 might look pitiful but it's still money. RM0.50 can buy you a tiny packet of chips that can probably last your hungry stomach 30 minutes. I'm serious. RM0.50 is a lot of money! Go watch the video. XD

Okay, end of my ranting. Now, to the main point:

What should beginner bloggers do?
  1. Go sign up for nuffnang or adsense or any advertising community that can let you earn money while blogging! Imagine earning while doing something you like. It's call killing two birds with one stone. (unless you're not interested in money?)
  2. Post something of your own interest. Be it about your daily life, fashion or cars. As long as you post something, there will be people reading it.
  3. Post a lot. Yes, I mean A LOT! Many! Like almost a blog a day. (but I fail to do so because I'm lazy)
  4. Design your blog to you own liking. Make it cute and lovely, dark and secretive or just simple. A beautifully designed blog can attract readers too. It's like an appetizer to readers.
  5. Make your posts as interesting as possible too. Images and videos are some of the ways to add spices to your posts.
I'm still a beginner myself and I find these tips useful as they've helped me a lot. I'm just sharing them. Sharing is caring right? I hope you'll find these tips useful someday even if it's a little. Thanks for reading and have fun blogging! =D

Are we just pretending?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here's another of my favourite Glee song. Good song with good lyrics.

Seriously, many of the songs sung by Glee are awesome.

Before watching Glee, I used to think that Glee is just another High School Musical but I was wrong. Yeah, both Glee and High School Musical did musicals but Glee is better. Way better.

Here's the song with lyrics included. Enjoy~

The lyrics (literally every line) has been lingering in my mind for some time, especially this line.

"......Or will we forever only be pretending?"

Pretenders. Are we?

Photo edits

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whenever I'm bored, I went stalking on Facebook (you don't? you're weird.....hahaha!). Okay, okay.......it's not exactly stalking. It's actually what I call friends'-picture-reviewing moments. So yeah, I'm not a stalker. Don't be afraid arrr........hahahaha!!!

So during me so called picture-reviewing moments, I realised that most people have their original pictures (mostly selcas....a.k.a self-captured picture) edited or photoshopped before uploading them for the world to see.

In awe of their awesome photo editing skills, I went to search for some free photo editing sites and found a handful of them. *gasp*

There's picnik, pizap, befunky, fotoflexer, lunapic and much more.

As I said I was bored, I visited every site and played with it, trying to produce a somehow awesome picture through trial and error. (It's my first time!!)

My favourites are fotoflexer, picnik and befunky.

All of them have similar but different editing functions.

Both picnik and fotoflexer have blemish fixing functions (which is a must for me XD) but picnik's is better compared to fotoflexer.

Each photo editor have their own pros and cons. It's up to you to decide which is best for you.

Tadaa~~ Here are the results of my experiment. :P


After using picnik's blemish fix and exposure being altered:

With befunky HDR effect:



I hope my editing skills isn't that bad. I love the effect of underpainting. Lovely!

Btw, there's a morphing funtion in fotoflexter. I tried and.......EPIC FAIL!!! I don't dare to save the result of morphing as I looked like a mutant. A horrible mutant, uglier than the shrek. T^T

Anyway, I'll try to improve on my morphing skills (and maybe share it by the end of 2011?). Just wait and see. LOL!

I'm so hot!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The weather is getting hotter and hotter nowadays even though it's monsoon season now. There's the occasional rain and storm every now and then but I still feel like it's a HOT HOT SUMMER~~

Frankly speaking, this song didn't catch my attention at all the first time I listened to it. I just love the their cute-funky colored outfits. It really gives the mv a splash of cheerful colors.

My first impression?
Ahh......not addictive at all. Why are they winning awards for this song?

I was wrong.

Days later, the song suddenly popped up and got stucked in my head. The next thing, I found myself automatically singing: "Hot summer~ A hot,hot summer~" over and over again. Just like any of their songs, it's annoying the first time but got addictive afterwards.

I still couldn't understand how every korean idol can dance in those killer heels and still look good. Anyway, the dance is cute but rather complicated (as usual for a noob like me).

My 2 favourite f(x) members:


As cute as always!

And Victoria~

As beautiful as always!

Freebies for you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey guys, I have recently wonder around other people's blog and came across this.

Hold on. Do you love freebies?
(Duhh.....who doesn't love freebies??)

Then this is for you!

OMG!!! Burger king spicy chick n crisp for just RM1 with any carbonate drink purchased?! *drooling*
Don't forget to grab your's tomorrow!

How about some fruit juices? *slurp*

You can get more detailed informations and other freebies/deals here.

Too bad most of the offers are only available in Kuala Lumpur..... *sobs* but nevermind. At least I can have a free sample. (better than nothing lar.....)

Just a few clicks and you'll receive a tiny pack of Biore Facial Foam Pure Mild 15g sample.

I haven't tried any of the Biore products before and this sample will be perfect for me. I might consider it if it doesn't cause any havoc on my already troubled face.

The Face Shop has discontinued their Quick & Clean range and soon I'll be out of facial foam. *boohoo* Face Shop....why do you wanna discontinue it? That's my favourite range! Especially the moisturizer!! *argghh!!* I couldn't seems to find another moisturizer as good or even better than this one.

Peer pressure

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is peer pressure? I'm sure you all know.

Peer pressure is the pressure exerted by your peer group that can influence you and affect your future.

"近朱者赤, 近墨者黑"

It is a chinese idiom meaning: One takes the behaviour of one's company.

That is why friends are so important to us. Their pressure are so powerful that they can influence and affect you in many ways, sometimes without you realizing it. Don't be surprise when an old friend that you've not met for a couple of years says you changed a lot.

People change. Everyone change as they grow old. Peer pressure is just a small contribution to the change. There are many other factors such as environment, experience and their own willingness to change.

I've been suffering from (indirect)peer pressure lately and I'm quite surprised at it.

My current peer pressure:
1.) They're smart. I want to be.
2.) They're tall. I want to be.
3.) They're beautiful. I want to be.
4.) They have nice clothes. I want.
5.) They have so much fun. I want.
6.) They have boyfriends. I want.
7.) They changed. I want too.

Some kind of pressure I have here. LOL!

My Handmade Christmas Bookmark

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At last, I've created a bookmark for my business project.

Sadly, this is only what my creative juice can produce.

As christmas festival is around the corner, I've decided to make it as the theme for the bookmark.

And this is what I made.....

Simple and......err.....looks cheap? LOL! I don't care! I like it!

Teehee......a book as a gift from my sister.

Hohoho~~~are you starting to get the christmas vibe already?

A day with my family

Monday, November 7, 2011

Doesn't this look yummy? Maybe it's not but it tastes really delicious. It's a nyonya delicacy (I guess) which consist of sagu, coconut milk and gula melaka. Definitely a thumbs up!

My sister was suppose to go back to Singapore yesterday but she was lucky that she got a ticket for today at the last minute. Lucky her. So to celebrate her luck and her extended-another-day in malacca, dad decided to bring us to Flo bar which is at the lobby of Equatorial hotel.

After we found a place and settled down, the waiter came, placed four wine glasses and then pointing and asked:"Is it okay for your daughter to have wine?" Well, five people sat down and he only took four glasses. Obviously he thinks I'm underage. LOL! I'm 19 already!

We shared a bottle of grape wine which cost about rm200. My youngest sister had fruit punch instead because she is the only underage (not me!).

This is me with a half-drunk look. LOL!

Maggi mee for dinner~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a hectic day today. Running around the university to attend classes, video shooting and meeting.

At last, when all the business ended, when I thought I can finally take a nice bathe and have a rest, the rain came like a king, preventing me from strolling back to my hostel. No, I didn't even have the chance to stroll at all. The rain was too heavy. There wasn't just rain but with clashing thunder too. It was a thunderstorm. All I can do was just stood there like a refugee, waiting for a kind person to send me back.

I was happy that my friend's aunt agreed to send me back to my hostel and so here I am now.

It is still raining heavily right now except that the thunder had gone away (thank god!!).

I did not get to have my dinner at the usual restaurant I always go as I wanted to avoid the heavy rain. When the rain had subsided, I went to the mini market just right opposite my hostel and grabbed a cup of instant noodle.

Woohoo!! Instant noodle for dinner tonight. Yeah!

Excitedly, I looked around the cup, finding for instructions on how to cook this cup instant noodle. No matter how I search, I couldn't find it. Then it dawned on me. Argh! So stupid of me! Cooking cup instant noodle is the easiest thing ever. Even toddlers know. Just pour hot water, wait for a few minutes, put in the sauce given and done.

Damn. I'm so dumb. T^T

Yes. It's my first time eating cup noodles. LOL! LOL! LOL!
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