Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why am I ever so unlucky? Malaysia is changing their SPM grading system starting from this year. The initial highest grade 1A(80) is now changed to A+(90). This means that I will need to study even harder than before. Seems confusing? Ah...just forget about it. Anyway, there is still 40 days left to SPM. Ahem...40 day? Ahhh!!!!! Obviously I am still not prepared yet to sit for SPM. I don't even feel like sitting for it. 40 days seems like 10 days to me. I cannot imagine myself sitting for SPM. Please help me~T.T


Friday, October 2, 2009

I can't believe that I will be leaving Canossa so soon. I remembered the year when I first enter my school, I was like "School life is such a pain.I hate it so much! How I wish I am Form 5 right now! Argh!!!".

When I entered Form 3, we(me & my friends) were busy preparing for our exams and PMR. Eventually, PMR was over and we entered Form 4.

I admit I was rather pissed off with my Form 4 life. So much to learn. So many tuitions. So many homework. It was such a rush that I can't even get enough sleep. Time passes day after day and BAM!!! Its Form 5 already!

I can't describe much about my Form 5 life much since it has been such a rush in preparing for SPM. Pressures form both teachers and parents; homeworks; studies; homeworks. Oh...I can barely catch a breathe.

It seems to me that stress increases year after year. Before I can finally find my will to concentrate in my studies( especially biology,physics,est & chinese ), SPM is just around the corner. OMG...SPM, one of the most important exam in my life, the result that could determine and affect my future.

In another 2 months, we will be bidding farewell to each other and start a new chapter of our own lives. What will we become then?

Where will we go?
What will I be studying?
What will I be doing?

I am happy that I managed to make some friends in school since I am quite of an introvert person. Some enlightened my days while some just turned my days up side down. Whether we like it or not, we still have to part and each of us will continue on our own journey. Sure, life is a journey of the soul. We will never know what is ahead of us. I know I will be missing my friends and the moments we spent together. There are sweet memories and bad memories but whatever are the memories, I will always remember them and continue on with my life.
Oh...did I forgot to mention Form 2? Yes. Form 2 was the year that I enter the 2nd class. You see, I was in the 1st class during Form 1 but I slacked. So I entered 2B. It was there that I met some new friends that were willing to help me.

Thats all for now. I guess that I will not be updating my blog so often. Remember? SPM is around the corner!

See ya! I'm going to tuition now.

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