IU's acoustic cover of 'Forgotten Season' in You're The Best Lee Soon Shin

Friday, July 26, 2013

IU does an acoustic cover of 'Forgotten Season' as Lee Soon Shin in the recent korean family drama "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin".

This song is an old korean song originally sung by Lee Yoong in 1982. (wow....such an old song..)

Honestly, I couldn't quit listening to this version repeatedly. It makes me feel calm and brings tears to my eyes when I sing along. My parents love it too and even asked me to sing it. (I bet you'll wanna stuff your ears when you hear me sing.....ehm)

The family drama "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin" is currently on it's 38th episode and still in the process of filming. 

I really enjoyed watching this drama with my family. To those who are curious, this drama is aired in Astro KBS every Saturday and Sunday, 7pm. (Only in Malaysia. Not sure about other countries.)

You're welcome! *wink*

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