Real Steel: moral value

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey, have you watched Real Steel? Yes. Real Steel the movie.

My sister and her boyfriend went to watch this movie yesterday because of it's many positive reviews and so I tagged along too.

That movie isn't that awesome like I hoped for or that exciting like some people described. I would say the movie is good, not awesome. Maybe robot boxing isn't mind blowing enough for me.

So, you've watched the movie? Did you learned something?

Most movies try to deliver some kind of moral value to the viewers and so did Real Steel.

Did the little boy win in the end? No. But he was ecstatic.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose in the end. It is the process that matters. Like our lives. Joy is not found in finishing something but by doing it.

No matter how many lemons life gave you, endure it. Do you best, enjoy and you're sure to love the outcome.

In trouble? Watch comedy...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh my god, oh my god, omg, omgggggggggggg....................

I'm in DEEP trouble.

Yeah, I mean it. DEEP trouble.

Business presentation is just a few more days away (this coming Thursday) and I'm still struggling. No speech, no slide. Nothing yet. Worst of all, it's a group presentation and none of us are prepared yet. Oh no, I'm doomed!

"Hey, chill. Just a presentation. It's not like the world is falling down. No big deal. =D"

Yeah but to me, a presentation (not to mention public speaking) = doomsday!

"Well then, you still have time to prepare. Four more days to go."

Right. But those time are for me to procrastinate.

O_O *speechless*


Okay. I know myself. Prepared or not, I'm gonna get nervous and tongue-tied and mess up everything anyway. So just chill.

I remembered my sister telling me about a Canadian stand up comedian, Russell Peters and talked about how funny he is.

I came across this and yeah, he is funny indeed. What he said about chinese (especially dealing with money.....LOL!) is so true.

You got to watch this video to know what I mean. It won't hurt to spend just 3 minutes of your time watching this.

Have a nice day! =D

50 cents is A LOT of money!! Hahaha!!

Yeah! I totally agree to that. Although you can't buy expensive things or even a pack of nasi lemak with 50 cents but you can certainly able to buy a handful of sweets or even a packet of potato chips.

If you're to talk about 1 cent then...........better don't give it to me. To me, 1 cent is like nothing to me. NOTHING. *throws the 1 cent out*

Rainy day

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a rainy day today (without thunder). YAY!!

Rainy day, a day when I get to enjoy those lovely cool breeze softly brushing through me. So soothing, it always makes me feel nostalgic.

I remember when I was young, whenever it rained, I would ran out to the rain joyfully, feeling the rain dropped on me. My grandmother would then yelled at me and hurried me back indoor.


As I sat looking at the rain, a faint smile spread across my face. I wasn't exactly happy. I wished that the rain could wash away the pain and hatred in my heart.

Anyway, I randomly found this picture and just had to share it out.
Hahaha!! Gosh...this is funny! XD

Any ideas for making bookmark?

Monday, October 24, 2011

I was on my way to class and suddenly when I turned a corner, someone was coming towards me from the opposite direction. That was when the awkwardness came. That someone was somebody I knew, a classmate that I've never talked to before although we've been in the same class for 5 months. Not knowing whether I should say 'Hi..." or just ignore, I looked at that person for a few seconds. If he ignores, then I ignore too. But then, he looked back at me with the same expression. WTH?? Awkward~ So I ignored him. LOL! Mindless awkward moment.


I am really flooded with assignments this new semester. There's going to be a presentation next week. WTH?! It's just the second week! *sobs*

For the business project that will be held some time around next month, we've been trying to decide what to sell. Bookmarks, T-shirts and soft drinks are some of the things agreed by group members to sell for this project.

I'm appointed to be in charged of making and selling bookmarks. After hours of brainstorming, I still could design a bookmark that is simple yet attractive. That's when I realised that the creative juice in me had ran out years ago. There is not a single creativeness in me anymore. All I can think of as a bookmark is a small rectangular paper with words written on it and a ribbon punched through it.

0% creativity.

I doomed. T^T


Update: Click here to check out my bookmark design!

SNSD's new mv - The Boys

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, after so many teasers, the full mv is finally released.

Actually, this song is suppose to be addicting but after listening the whole song, some parts seems out of place.

I like the intro and the beginning of this song though.

By the way, Sunny's short hair is so awesome.

Slow internet connection

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After using a fast speed internet connection for 2 weeks, the slow speed connection of the hostel irk me.

Damn! Why so slow?
*sigh* Useless!!!

Yes, I'm back to university, fresh and alive after 2 weeks of rejuvenation. Nothing to do because it's only the first week.

I guess it's time for me to update my diary now.

I'm bored. Here's something. ^^

Sweet, insecure, thoughtful and sentimental.

Wah~ so true.

How about you?

My final results?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally, my results were out. Eh, I shouldn't use the word 'finally' as I didn't really anticipate my results and I didn't expect it to be released so quickly.

Nervously, I took a deep breath and clicked the enter button. Results were as I'd expected. All except one. English.

There, it's stated:

General English - B+

WTH!!! I expected at least an A- !!!


But after thinking deeply, I realised I shouldn't have expect an A as I didn't even care to put much effort in that subject. Just an hour of revision before final exam and that's all. LOL!

Ah...whatever. I got GPA 3.6 but I'm not quite satisfied with it. I bet I'll be classified as average or below when am compared to others in my class.

Oh well, whatever. I'm pleased to be an average person.

Time for another new chapter. Semester 2 will be starting from tomorrow onwards.

One Sunday outing

Friday, October 14, 2011

I had a short hang out with my friends last Sunday and had our lunch at Overtime. Overtime is a newly opened lounge bar restaurant in Malacca.

Look! No one was there except us!

LOL! Actually there were other people like us having a good time chit-chatting while having their lunch. It's just that they weren't captured in this picture.

Who is this? Me. Wakakaka~

Received a surprise belated birthday present from my friends.

Hehehe~ isn't it nice?

moon halo

Monday, October 10, 2011

*sigh* Super disappointed! I can't see the moon in a ring from my house! *sobs*

I was about to off Facebook when suddenly, within 5 minutes, everyone seems be updating their status, asking everyone to take a look at the moon.

A moon halo.

Moments later, photos of the moon-in-a-ring were posted on Facebook by some excited and kind users who didn't mind to share their excitement upon catching a glimpse of the beautiful rare moon with their camera.

Oh, now I see it thanks to Facebook but I would really love to see it for myself.

Photo credit thanks to Reshan.

The Lighthouse Keeper

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tears streamed down from my eyes as I finished the last few pages of The Lighthouse Keeper.

The Lighthouse Keeper takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of Peter O'Banyon, an 80 year old lighthouse keeper, back to the time of World War II. It tells a story about family, loss and eternal love. I guess this sums it all.

Tragedy after tragedy like a tsunami, it engulfs Peter. It seems like Peter's life is bound to tragedies. What moved me the most is the friendship between Peter and Joey. It hurts to find out that Joey have to die in the battle. Without Joey(him being the most interesting character in the story), Peter's life is never the same again. Although parted by death, I'm touched that at Peter's last moment of death, the first person that greeted him is his good old friend, Joey. He had never forgotten about him after so many years. This shows that friendship never dies. And Anna too. Peter's love for her never tires. This is a tale of the so called eternal love.

This story touched me in the end and made we weeped like a small kid. Though I feel that this story could be better if it wasn't written in a predictable way. The way the writer wrote makes the story predictable and often, what I predicted would happen next is right. There's nothing wrong with the storyline. I just personally feel it could have been better though. All in all, like what the book says, it's a tale that goes straight to the heart. It really did to mine.

I guess you don't know how I got this book? Nope. Not from the library. It is a second-hand book bought from Tai Kuang bookstore for only rm9.90. Yipee~ I'm gonna hit that bookstore again to hunt for more nice novels.

If you give your heart

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another korean song I would like to share. ^^

Cockroach encounter

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Smash! Bish! Bang!


OMG! I killed a cockroach! I killed a cockroach!!

Okay. You must be thinking :" Hello! There's nothing to be surprised of."

But, must know that I HATE COCKROACHES!!! I'm AFRAID of them as well! I hate them all my life! I hate, I hate!! A sight at it can send me fleeing for my life. That's how afraid I am.

I remember once, years back when I was 17. It was late at night, near the wee hours of the morning. I was diligently preparing myself for SPM when suddenly, at the corner of my eyes, I saw a cockroach approaching. I was startled and jumped, so did the cockroach. It paused for a moment as I froze there, not knowing what to do next. So I braved myself and tried to scare that cockroach away but eventually, I failed. Without warning, it ran towards me and I fled like nobody's business. I couldn't study peacefully after that. =="


And so...........that was my stupid encounter with a cockroach.

The same thing happened. That cockroach tried to scare me away but this time, I didn't ran. I grabbed the nearest magazine I could reach and sent that cockroach fleeing zig-zag for it's life. I didn't mean to kill it but then......opps! Too late. It's head was squashed and it's liquid splashed all over the floor.

I was terrified yet proud of myself for killing it.
I sound so cruel right now. I should stop. LOL!

In a nutshell, I'm still afraid of cockroaches and will never want to encounter another again in my life.
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