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Monday, October 24, 2011

I was on my way to class and suddenly when I turned a corner, someone was coming towards me from the opposite direction. That was when the awkwardness came. That someone was somebody I knew, a classmate that I've never talked to before although we've been in the same class for 5 months. Not knowing whether I should say 'Hi..." or just ignore, I looked at that person for a few seconds. If he ignores, then I ignore too. But then, he looked back at me with the same expression. WTH?? Awkward~ So I ignored him. LOL! Mindless awkward moment.


I am really flooded with assignments this new semester. There's going to be a presentation next week. WTH?! It's just the second week! *sobs*

For the business project that will be held some time around next month, we've been trying to decide what to sell. Bookmarks, T-shirts and soft drinks are some of the things agreed by group members to sell for this project.

I'm appointed to be in charged of making and selling bookmarks. After hours of brainstorming, I still could design a bookmark that is simple yet attractive. That's when I realised that the creative juice in me had ran out years ago. There is not a single creativeness in me anymore. All I can think of as a bookmark is a small rectangular paper with words written on it and a ribbon punched through it.

0% creativity.

I doomed. T^T


Update: Click here to check out my bookmark design!

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