The Lighthouse Keeper

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tears streamed down from my eyes as I finished the last few pages of The Lighthouse Keeper.

The Lighthouse Keeper takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of Peter O'Banyon, an 80 year old lighthouse keeper, back to the time of World War II. It tells a story about family, loss and eternal love. I guess this sums it all.

Tragedy after tragedy like a tsunami, it engulfs Peter. It seems like Peter's life is bound to tragedies. What moved me the most is the friendship between Peter and Joey. It hurts to find out that Joey have to die in the battle. Without Joey(him being the most interesting character in the story), Peter's life is never the same again. Although parted by death, I'm touched that at Peter's last moment of death, the first person that greeted him is his good old friend, Joey. He had never forgotten about him after so many years. This shows that friendship never dies. And Anna too. Peter's love for her never tires. This is a tale of the so called eternal love.

This story touched me in the end and made we weeped like a small kid. Though I feel that this story could be better if it wasn't written in a predictable way. The way the writer wrote makes the story predictable and often, what I predicted would happen next is right. There's nothing wrong with the storyline. I just personally feel it could have been better though. All in all, like what the book says, it's a tale that goes straight to the heart. It really did to mine.

I guess you don't know how I got this book? Nope. Not from the library. It is a second-hand book bought from Tai Kuang bookstore for only rm9.90. Yipee~ I'm gonna hit that bookstore again to hunt for more nice novels.

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