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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh my god, oh my god, omg, omgggggggggggg....................

I'm in DEEP trouble.

Yeah, I mean it. DEEP trouble.

Business presentation is just a few more days away (this coming Thursday) and I'm still struggling. No speech, no slide. Nothing yet. Worst of all, it's a group presentation and none of us are prepared yet. Oh no, I'm doomed!

"Hey, chill. Just a presentation. It's not like the world is falling down. No big deal. =D"

Yeah but to me, a presentation (not to mention public speaking) = doomsday!

"Well then, you still have time to prepare. Four more days to go."

Right. But those time are for me to procrastinate.

O_O *speechless*


Okay. I know myself. Prepared or not, I'm gonna get nervous and tongue-tied and mess up everything anyway. So just chill.

I remembered my sister telling me about a Canadian stand up comedian, Russell Peters and talked about how funny he is.

I came across this and yeah, he is funny indeed. What he said about chinese (especially dealing with money.....LOL!) is so true.

You got to watch this video to know what I mean. It won't hurt to spend just 3 minutes of your time watching this.

Have a nice day! =D

50 cents is A LOT of money!! Hahaha!!

Yeah! I totally agree to that. Although you can't buy expensive things or even a pack of nasi lemak with 50 cents but you can certainly able to buy a handful of sweets or even a packet of potato chips.

If you're to talk about 1 cent then...........better don't give it to me. To me, 1 cent is like nothing to me. NOTHING. *throws the 1 cent out*

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