Wondergirls Sunye Is Getting Married!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This may not be new to you but still, I wanna announce that Wondergirls' leader Sunye is getting married! Congratulations to her although I'm not a Wonderful(Wondergirls fan name).

Actually my point is.....
*ahem* her husband-to-be looks good *cough*
but I must say they look like a great couple!

Oh, please excuse me.
It's time to bury myself in that pile of books and notes again.
See ya!

Random Video - Princess Mononoke Theme

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey everyone! I've been on Youtube watching random videos out of boredom once again. Eh, I'm actually not that bored. I'm just trying to delay my time to study. You know procrastination? That's my hobby. LOL!

There's always the fun part in watching random videos on Youtube. You wouldn't know what you'll find next. Maybe it's something disgusting, maybe it'll be sad, or just a trolling video.

Here's a video of a talented young lady, Taylor Davis, playing the Princess Mononoke Theme with her violin, collaborated with Tamathps. I find this piece of music extremely pleasing to my ears, so I've uploaded the video here to share it with you guys.

Oh, do you know Princess Mononoke is a Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki who also directed the Academy Award winning film Spirited Away?

I got excited to watch Princess Mononoke after listening to this music theme. I'll definitely watch it and let you guys know AFTER MY EXAMS!!


Whee~ I'll be able to do this trick with the new Malaysian 50sen coins and turn into no face. Haha!

Happy Chinese New Year! =D

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hey! How's everyone doing in 2013? Great?
I hope so.

2012 has been quite an awesome year for me but I'm not going to tell you how awesome it was! Hmm......
I'll leave that for the next post coming up in........
February maybe?
No, it's not that I'm lazy, maybe a little la....but,
Hey! I have final exams in another 2 weeks you know?
How 'awesome' is that?

Last Thursday, I tagged along with my housemate to the Chinese New Year Festival(新春园游会) held by MMU Chinese Society at the MMU President Square. It was my first time witnessing such an event ever since the day I joined MMU. Stalls selling foods and drinks surrounded the President Square. People were buzzing all over, chit chatting in excitement. This really reminds me of koku day during my school days when we'll buy some foods, chit chat, play around, then eat and play and eat again. lol....

The show started at 8pm and ended at about 11.30pm. It's pretty late you know, but it's fun! I'm just so glad that I went there early so I get sit on a chair and enjoy the performances, not having to stand there for 3 hours watching. The performances were overall entertaining, especially the chinese yoyo performance. Those guys were just awesome! I just wish there was a drama. That'll be nice ya....

During my school days, on the day before CNY holiday starts, there will always be CNY performances. Everybody will be so excited for it that no one has the mood for studies. I bet so do the teachers! The most anticipated show that everyone don't want to miss is the drama. Every year without fail, my school will come out with a short CNY themed drama that will make us laugh and maybe bring some tears. Those were the days.......
Eh wait......
I just realised I haven't step into to my secondary school since the day I declare myself as a SPM leaver. What a shame.....

Anyway, I have been complaining to mum of how little new year clothes I have left because she forced me to wear most of them last year.

Mum: "Aiya! You everyday wear same clothes not sien meh? Wear your new year clothes la!!"
T^T.......fine lor.....

So my mum brought me to Mahkota Parade yesterday to sapu some new year clothes. You won't believe how long I spent in Kitschen and how many times I entered the fitting room with an armful of clothes until the girl on service laughed at me.....and I laughed back.

I'm so happy with the clothes I bought but I wish I can buy more. Hoho~ greedy ain't I?
Anyway, now that I have bought myself some new clothes, I can finally ease my mind, lock myself in my room and focus on my studies.

Shopaholic for a day, prisoner for the rest of the month.

Before I end this post, here's a short, heartwarming CNY advertisement to remind us of our parents and don't forget to attend our family reunion dinner.
You'll thank me! 

Happy new year and also Happy CNY in advance to those celebrating the festival!

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