Why is JYP's Joo a failure?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I know it's very bad to call someone a failure but then she is known to be a failure of JYP company although she is not exactly a failure to me.

Who is Joo?

Do you know about Joo? Most people haven't heard of her and that's the reason why she became the failure.

Joo debuted in 2008 at the age of 18 with single "Because of A Man".

3 reasons why Joo is a failure:

Not competent enough
It's hard shine in the competitive korean music industry when you don't have either looks or talents especially if you're going solo. The music industry is just too cluttered with many groups and solos. There's approximately a total of 60 so far and still counting. There will be more coming in 2012. So, in order to standout from the crowd, you need to look good and have strong talent in singing if you're going solo. A very good example of someone with looks and talent is IU. Well, I'm not saying Joo is ugly but not appealing enough. It's just that to compete in the music industry, you really have to standout.

Not being well promoted
It's important for companies to promote their singers and it's important for them to do so. However, JYP did not put enough effort to promote Joo. JYP should have promote Joo's two single "Because of a man" and "Bad guy" which I find them rather good but sadly, JYP didn't. IU isn't really popular when she just debuted until the release of her hit song "Good day" which seems to make her popular overnight. That was when LEON Entertainment company discovers the 'hidden gem'. With the company continuously promoting IU, she's now shining brighter and ever. I do hope that Joo will be able to shine like IU someday.

Past scandals
There have been scandals lurking around revealing Joo's past that have contributed to her downfall.

Here's a picture showing her smoking with her friends at a young age. I got this picture from allkpop. Hmm.....I wonder who took and uploaded these pictures. It must have been taken years ago.

So these are mainly the reasons for Joo's downfall.


Now, I'll like to show you something else. I stumbled upon an article about Joo in allkpop.

What pissed me off is the way the article was written.

Along with SNSD’s Yoona and Sooyoungthe failure JOO, from JYP Entertainment has also graduated from high school on February 12th. She will be moving on to attend Dong-guk University, the same university where SNSD‘s Yoona and Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye will be studying.

Seriously? Do you have to emphasis "the failure"?

JOO celebrated the night of her graduation with tons of alcohol and a bunch of trashed people. Just kidding.

And "with tons of alcohol and a bunch of trashed people"?

The party girl’s pictures from graduation:
You’d think JYP would make JOO look a little less uglier more presentable on her graduation day.

And this? WTH?!!

Here’s the only song I know one of JOO’s songs, Because of a Man.

Is there a need to emphasis it's the only song you know?

This is all pure sarcasm and biased. This is such a let down that allkpop would write these kind of stuff. Allkpop should feel ashamed for publishing this article. I hope allkpop will delete this article because it does nothing but to tarnish the idol's image.

Here's another song by Joo that's in my opinion, better than "Because of a Man". Do give this a try.

Song title: Bad Guy (feat 2pm Chansung)

I hope JYP doesn't ditch her just like that and gave her another chance. Looking forward to hear some news about her soon.

So what do you thing about Joo? Do you thing she has the potential or is she really a failure of JYP?
Do share with me your opinions.

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  1. i didn't know about her, i found her because her brother BTOB's Ilhoon, but i really like her, i like her voice...but i'm agree with you JYP should let her promote more..She has potential, i think that if she would promote more, she will be known...

  2. Yeah...I like her voice although it's not that solid. I'm just disappointed that JYP would debut someone then do almost nothing about it.

  3. Actually I didn't know her before a post teasing big companies don't always make idols(singers) famous. but then I found her singing is really good^^
    In my opinion I don't think JYP didn't try to promote her,like she sang with Leetuk and Chansung...
    Sometimes it is so irratating to see people write:this singer is not famous I only know one song of his/hers.like it's their knowledge about kpop defines who's good or who's bad? duh~

  4. JYP Entertainment is bad at promoting their talents and good at letting go those with great potential to other companies.

  5. It's a shame because I really loved her stuff back in 2011 but wasn't a fan of her debut stuff. Guess the controversies really wrecked her career :/ Completely forgot about them.

    I wrote an article on my thoughts on JYPE’s status as a Big 3 company. I hope you guys read and comment on the post! http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/jypes-current-status-as-a-big-3-company/

  6. I happen to read your blog about JYP's Joo. And I like your positive outlook in life and to other people. I read your info and found out that you like SNSD and Suju,am i right? hehe correct me if im wrong ^^. but still you wrote a good story for Joo. Honestly,I don't know her until I read your blog and i believe she has a good voice and just need a strong support from her company. I like JYPE and 2pm. but i personally think that the reason why some artists of jyp aren't that big is because their company lack on advertising them and supporting them and promoting them. I believe if they focus on their talents' talent and believ on them wholeheartedly then, the talents will have a great confidence enough for them to reach their goal. I look at Joo's photos and she isnt ugly and she have a good voice . She remind me of CL of 2NE1 and Jang Nara. they arent that beautiful but because they have strong confidence and support from their respective companies that made them being their dreams alive!

    thanks for that wonderful blog :) More success to come!!

  7. OOPS correction to the last line of my comment

    support from their respective companies that made them being their dreams alive!

    i mean, that made them made their dreams come true!!

  8. She is a good actress but she doesn't have the amazing singing talent to be a solo singer. She should think about joining a band instead.

  9. I wasn't surprised at allkpop's article. If you looked back a REALLY long time ago, they were actually a hate website that had a bunch of inappropriate and derogatory articles (this being a good example). That's why I don't quote allkpop.com, I found them really unreliable and a bunch of troublemakers (I'm sorry I sounded bitter, but I really hate how they make a big deal out of everything.) I would've thought JYP would've put her in a band first, let her get some recognition in a band and then branch out as a soloist. It's extremely tough going off as a soloist first because then you have to captivate the audience enough by your stage presence alone. She wasn't a 'failure', it was just poor marketing and promotion. Which sucked because I really like her later songs (only listened to the couple she DID release...)

  10. well, as JYP stan, its not the 1st time I heard about their idol/actress resign with mystery behind. but I knew JYP is well enough to always give their people freedom as long as that will make them feel better as them self, I knew it sad beside her brother who just in sister company more success than her but I also hear about Joo who want to focus on musical. well, beside her baek A yoen also solo and being solo is not easy for kpop industry because they are too busy on something like idol group even those group not really talented enough.
    so I just hope for her comeback being more better Joo not as failure JYP but maybe like IU who just got eliminated in JYP audition but can be more shining , I knew Joo also can do better someday. I'll waiting for her ^^


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