2011: It took me a year

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It took me a year.
It took me a year to understand that I'm just nothing.
It took me a year to realise I'm just a bystander.
It took me a year to escape from this psychological struggle.
It took me a year to shook of the unhappiness in me.
It took me a year for me to recover myself.
And the year is 2011.

I spent a year asking myself:
"Why me?"
"What wrong had I done?"

But now, I'm thankful that it happened. I'm glad because it all happened for a reason.
There is always a reason behind everything that happened in my life.
At least that's what I believe.

Within a year, I left many people and met many people. Whoever they are, I've never once regret meeting them.

2011 will be ending in a few more days. like 2010, it is also a year that has left an impact on me. All that had happened made me realise life is not just life but the twists and turns. Because of them, my life is colorful.

Thank you 2011 and goodbye.

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