From bad to worse

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The pain from my left leg persists so I was brought to see a physiotherapist. After some checking, asking me to turn here and there, the doctor revealed my condition as having a minor slipped disk that will probably take a month to recover.  Oh my holly god. A slipped disk? Ah, I thought it was just a sprain. Thank you god for your 'blessings'. Duh.....

I guess it's the consequence for not bending while lifting heavy things.

Good news & bad news

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello to everyone and my loyal readers! (I know you're out there reading this!)

I'm really sorry that my recent blog posts are all pretty plain and boring lately. I just couldn't find enough time to write anything more interesting than the normal I-did-this-today kind of post. Usually, I'd spend an average of 6 hours writing an (I hope you find it) interesting post. So, obviously, with my current hectic schedule, I couldn't get myself to spend as much time as I want to blogging anymore. I think the kind of I-did-this-today post is the easiest way to get my blog updated and it doesn't take as much time to write one.

So, this is going to be another short I-did-this-today kind of post. Oh wait, I'm not going to show you what I did as I did nothing special. All I want is to update you with a good news and a bad news.

OK. Good news first.

I'm going for a family trip to Vietnam in tow more days!! Woohoo!!! I'm so excited!

Heck, I don't really know what or where is this place but I guess it's Ho Chi Minh City, as stated by TripAdvisor.

Now the bad news is.....

I sprained my left thigh.

%@$^#%%^$#@!!!!!!!! How the heck am I suppose enjoy a trip with a sprained thigh?!

But I guess I don't have any other choice than to go on a trip with a sprained leg. *sigh*

Time to get some rest already and hopefully, I'll feel much better tomorrow.


8/8/12: Wednesday blues

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Assignments, assignments, assignments! Studies, studies and studies?! Such is the pathetic life as a student. When will these never ending boredom stop?!

I just had 2 'awesome' exams today. Felt so tired, almost KO after the exams. So I decided to chill in my room. Somehow, my awesome mind decided that there wasn't any class this evening until my housemate asked: "You got no more class already ah?"

"Yeah!" I replied, and suddenly I remembered something. Quickly, I search for my timetable and glimpse through it. Gosh! I missed a class!!! doh.gif

WTH is going on with my mind?

*sigh* Load of assignments are still waiting for me to kick their ass.

Assignments!! Let me kick your asses and fly sky high!

Words of a proud malaysian to Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Monday, August 6, 2012

Just finished watching the Olympics badminton match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

I remembered watching his final Olympics match against Lin Dan 4 years ago and I can say that he had improved leaps and bounds to be able to compete with the world's no.1 badminton player Lin Dan. But......luck wasn't on our side.

Lin Dan won with 21-15, 10-21, 19-21.


Lee Chong Wei was just 2 points away.

All of us malaysians were really disappointed and sad, not because he didn't played well. Not because we couldn't get the promised free Baskin Robbin ice cream.

It was the clear hard work, potential and determination that all of us witnessed. Despite recovering from injuries, he still gave his full effort to fight for a gold medal for his country.

The moment Lin Dan won and ran around the court in celebration, Chong Wei just sat down on the floor, exhausted and clearly disappointed.

It was such a heartbreaking scene for us to watch him so disappointed. I just want to give him a tight hug and tell him: "It's okay! We know you did your best and we are so so so proud of you!!!" I'm sure that was what his coach said to him.

Awww....... ='(

Our Datuk Lee Chong Wei couldn't hold his tears of disappointment.

This is what he tweeted after the match.

No! Don't say sorry to us!! All we want is a smile from you!! We are so proud and happy for you!! In fact, we are the ones who should be thankful. Thank you for that awesome match. It's the best that I've ever seen!

Lin Dan once said: “有一种失利叫美丽,有一种银牌叫金牌。”

Let me translate: There is a kind of failure, called beauty. A silver, called gold.

Of course he is referring to Chong Wei.

Some people call him a failure. Some say he looks like a mouse. We don't care for he has given us something precious called pride.

A true champion doesn't always win. A true champion is always determined and brave enough to stand up after each fall. That's our badminton hero, Datuk Lee Chong Wei!

Fact: Lee Chong Wei gained almost 100k followers in a day(today). Like WOW!! haha~

Who will win the London Olympics 2012 badminton match? Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The moment when Chen Long made a mistake and the shuttlecock hit the badminton net, triumph rose and the Facebook page was flooded with statuses congratulating our dear Datuk Lee Chong Wei for successfully entering the Olympics London 2012 badminton final.

I really can't believe 4 years passed this fast. It's like a blink of an eye and here I am again in 2012, watching his badminton semi-final match at the comforts of my home.

Although I'm pretty confident that it'll be a sure win for Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long, I still felt tense while watching his live match. You know, there's always a (tiny) possibility that he might lose to Chen Long for some whatever reasons. CHOI!!! *touchwood* LOL!

But of course our Malaysian badminton superstar Lee Chong Wei won the match scoring 21-13, 21-14.
Lee Chong Wei! We, the Malaysian, are so proud of you and we wish you the best of luck in the final match!

So who will Chong Wei be playing against? That person is no other than China's great Lin Dan.

What is going to happen in the 2012 Olympics final? Who will win? Lin Dan? Or Chong Wei? Nobody can really tell for sure although I agree that the chances of winning for Lin Dan is greater than Chong Wei but really, no one can tell. What is something like this happens in the final match?

I am proud that he has already secure a silver medal for himself but as a Malaysian, I really, really wish he will win so that he can make us even prouder. And best of all, all Malaysians will be entitled a scoop of FREE Baskin Robbins ice-cream (my favorite!!) if he brings home a gold medal. Don't believe? Read the article here. Basically, most of the Malaysians are excited for his win because of the Baskin Robbins giveaway. TRUE STORY. Hahah~

Will Chong Wei bag home a gold medal and make our dreams come true this time? We will see about that in the coming final.

Just a short video of Lee Chong Wei doing his daily training. It seems like he's taking it really easy, running around the court. And wth did he do at 1:20? I would have hit the floor instead. Just saying.

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