My last presentation in foundation

Monday, April 30, 2012

I just had my english presentation done today. Phew! What a relief!
As you know, presentation is one of my worst fear ever. Standing in front of a crowd?


I felt so awfully dreadful the moment my lecturer mentioned about presentation during the first week of semester. I was like.....

But then, surprisingly the presentation went rather smoothly. I admit I did pretty well except for the uncontrollable shaking voice that I still get from stage fright.

I was so relieved the moment the presentation ends.

My lecturer commented that I did pretty well(judging from the overall class performance) and damn! that made me so freaking happy! 

For once in a very long time, I'm so proud of myself. WOOHOO!!!

Opss......did I sound too proud? Pardon me. LOL!

This would be the last presentation for the last semester, which means foundation is gonna end soon. So any hard feelings?

Sorry. Nothing at all.

It's ironic that I felt so sad when I left Sunway even though I just spent a period of nearly 9 months there. It's just a short period but it gave me a lot of sweet memories.

1 year of foundation in MMU? Meh.......

200 pounds beauty

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"You broke my heart. Tissue won't fix it."- 200 pounds beauty

I remember watching this korean movie "200 pounds beauty" 4 years ago on a tv channel. I don't really remember much details of the plot except for the girl who went under the knife so that she will be able to catch the heart of her crush.

Now, I'm watching it again and still, I love it. It's funny yet heartbreaking as well. It's a classic movie that never fails to make me cry at the ending. But mind me. I just cried a little compared to what I did while watching The Princess' Man.

The Princess' Man is such a heartbreaking drama that it got me so depressed and I was literally sobbing countless times throughout the whole 24 episodes.

Anyway, here's a short fanmade mv taken from Youtube. Pretty low quality though.

Snippets of my life

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm feeling rather stressful lately with all the hectic schedule and pop quizzes that require me to study consistently. Obviously, I'm not someone who study everyday(I only study before exam -.-'') and that's why I'm feeling the stress. I guess you can get a hint of it by the look on my face. Darker eye circles and extra pimples. Ughh.....

Well, nothing interesting about my life to share about lately. Hmm.....let me think......

Ha! I have an awkward moment.

Trying to hold the door lift wide open but press the wrong button(the alarm button) instead and didn't realize about it so I stare at the almost-the-same-size-as-me guy that just happened to walk in, wondering if he's the one that cause the lift to be overweight, and he stares back at me. =.='s lame. I know.

End of post.

Till then.
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