200 pounds beauty

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"You broke my heart. Tissue won't fix it."- 200 pounds beauty

I remember watching this korean movie "200 pounds beauty" 4 years ago on a tv channel. I don't really remember much details of the plot except for the girl who went under the knife so that she will be able to catch the heart of her crush.

Now, I'm watching it again and still, I love it. It's funny yet heartbreaking as well. It's a classic movie that never fails to make me cry at the ending. But mind me. I just cried a little compared to what I did while watching The Princess' Man.

The Princess' Man is such a heartbreaking drama that it got me so depressed and I was literally sobbing countless times throughout the whole 24 episodes.

Anyway, here's a short fanmade mv taken from Youtube. Pretty low quality though.

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