My last presentation in foundation

Monday, April 30, 2012

I just had my english presentation done today. Phew! What a relief!
As you know, presentation is one of my worst fear ever. Standing in front of a crowd?


I felt so awfully dreadful the moment my lecturer mentioned about presentation during the first week of semester. I was like.....

But then, surprisingly the presentation went rather smoothly. I admit I did pretty well except for the uncontrollable shaking voice that I still get from stage fright.

I was so relieved the moment the presentation ends.

My lecturer commented that I did pretty well(judging from the overall class performance) and damn! that made me so freaking happy! 

For once in a very long time, I'm so proud of myself. WOOHOO!!!

Opss......did I sound too proud? Pardon me. LOL!

This would be the last presentation for the last semester, which means foundation is gonna end soon. So any hard feelings?

Sorry. Nothing at all.

It's ironic that I felt so sad when I left Sunway even though I just spent a period of nearly 9 months there. It's just a short period but it gave me a lot of sweet memories.

1 year of foundation in MMU? Meh.......

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