My love,Patzzi

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm watching episode 5 of 'My love,Patzzi' right now. Oh gosh! Damn! I hate Hee Won so much! Feel like slapping her everytime I see her. How can she be such a selfish person? Although its just a drama but I believe people like her do exist in this world. Damn....she is so irritating I have no idea how am I going to survive this drama. Gosh! I hope this drama better be good!

Dalja's Spring

Friday, February 25, 2011

I just watched Dalja's Spring today! Its a drama worth to be in my 'Must watch again' list. Its funny thanks to Dalja's character. I like the story and the flow of the drama. It doesn't drag to much like some other dramas. The actors acted very well especially Chaerim and the drama songs are nice too!

I'm not someone who is obsessed in korean dramas. I've watched quite some dramas but always stopped half way because I did not get hooked to them. Its either too boring or too naive for me.

The whole drama can be said in one word : Awesome!

Money from heaven?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a week before Chinese New Year, I went to my favorite restaurant, Pak Putra, with my family for supper. Pak Putra is an indian restaurant famous for it tandoori chicken. My favorite food is their garlic naan.

While we were sitting there chatting away while waiting for our foods to be served, a waiter came and talked to us and told us something about angpau(red packet). Since he is a indian, he spoke english in an indian slang which we can't really hear properly. We thought he wants angpau too! After some time of explanation, we finally understood what he was trying to say.

During our last visit in 1-12-2010, we forgot to receive the change after paying rm50. So now, he would like to give back the change and want us to treat it as a angpau from them. Such an honest person isn't he?

The second day, my sister phoned my grandmother and told her about that incident. She even asked her to buy the lottery number : 2380. Why? Because the change was rm23.80.

A week later, my sister went to fetch my grandmother.

"KH, I got it!"
"The number!! The one you told me that day!"

Wow! What a lucky day! Perhaps a gift from heaven?

Time to exercise!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The consequences of enjoying too much food during Chinese New Year is rather bad. My thigh looks bigger and tummy seems rounder. Even my yoga teacher said I've gone fat.

Even my once-healing-skin had worsen. Acne showed themselves once again. Maybe its because I ate too much fried and oily food? *sigh*

Although I am still underweight after gaining 1 or 2 kg, I don't want to look short and plum with my height. Got to keep fit to matter what!

Curious, I googled the topic "can exercise improve acne?".

Exercise can help acne by increasing the blood flow to the skin and providing oxgyen to the skin cells. Moderate sweating will clean the pores from the inside. This in turn will aid skin health and reduce acne by both preventing further outbreaks of acne and helping existing acne disappear. Spots and blackheads will heal quicker and scars will fade.

Oh, is that so? I'm so start exercising!!! =)

Malaysia's weather

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Malaysia's weather or should I say Malacca's weather (I'm a malaccan) is rather surprising this year. For the past years, the weather here was always hot and stuffy for weeks before Chinese New Year. However, this year's new year was greeted with a cold weather. The monsoon season had not gone. It was raining cats and dogs the week before Chinese New Year. It was unusual. Luckily the rain stopped right before the festival started. The weather started to become more and more hot and stuffy after that. It did not rain once after the festival. Now, the weather is so hot that it makes me kind of miss the rainy season. :(

New year achievement

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One new year resolution achieved. 40kg at last. Good news or bad news?? I gained 2kg just within a week during Chinese New Year.

By the way, my height is 150.5cm( I'm short. I know.), which means I was super underweight according to the BMI calculation. Now, yeah....I can be considered as a not-so-underweight girl. Hahahaha~!
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