New year,new hope

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its going to be a new year soon. Tomorrow, I'll be welcoming new year 2011 with my family and relatives. I wonder what lies ahead. Everything will be new. A new life, new beginning. Hopefully I'll feel happier next year in my new 'school'. Must enjoy my university life in MMU because I'm going to spend 5 years there until I graduate. So, enjoy!!

Movies and Singapore

Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 Dec 2010

This is the month that I watched the most movie. Rapunzel, Harry Potter, Narnia, Tron Legacy and Guilver's Travels. Of course my favourite goes to Rapunzel which caught my heart with humor and romance. Then followed by Harry Potter for its wizardy excitements. Lastly Tron Legacy for its super-cool-actions.

On the other hand,Narnia did not gave me the excitment I expected although Prince Caspian is really good looking. I guess I'll give it a point for that.Hehe..) Guliver's Travel is just humorous and nothing else. Definitely not my cup of tea.

I went Singapore with Rui Lin and Kai Ming on the 20th December and stayed at my uncle's house for a week. We went there by bus on our own! Can you believe that? We visited the Singapore Zoo as well as Night Safari. Both made me exhausted but fun.

We went Marina Bay Sands too. It was the first time I actually looked inside a casino and get a feel about it. The architecture structures are beautiful.

Never look back again.......

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Sunway classmates are here for a Malacca trip. Well, I can't really say but have to admit that I kind of miss them. I wish I can meet them again but I guess that can never happen. :(

I guess I must let go of them and everything in Sunway. The photos of parties and trips posted on Facebook without me is so disturbing. That's it! I'm not going to online for the next whole week. I'm not letting those memories rush back to me anymore. To make me sad again. Its time to let go,Ker Loon. Its MAZE time!!! ( if you have read that book) =D

Things will never be the same forever. They change and so should I! I'll try my best to forget about my 'old cheese' and look forward to my 'new cheese'. Probably someday, I will be able to throw away my 'old cheese' will a smile without any trace of regret. :) Cheers!

My days in hospital

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hiya! I'm back again!
You may be wondering what have I been doing all these while for not updating my blog for quite a long time. Studying hard to prepare for my on coming AS exam? Well, partially yes. Actually, I hadn't been well all these while.

This was the day I had to go back to my hostel as my lovely holidays were over. I already had a slight fever a day before but my fever worsen when I got back to my hostel. It was already 5.00p.m by the time I reached there. I unpacked my backpack and cleaned my room as usual. I have a roommate but she left during the holidays. So I felt kind of lonely without seeing all her stuffs at her place. Her place is now. Only a mirror which I had never see before was left on her bed. As the night falls and its time to sleep, I started to shiver out of coldness. I switched off the fan and air-conditioner, swallowed a panadol, wore a jacket and hopped on to my bed, ready to sleep. I was hoping that by doing this, I would start to sweat as I had done this before and it works. However, not this time. After sometime, I started to feel uneasy and I can't seemed to fell asleep. Suddenly I felt like throwing up and I ran to the toilet. After resting for awhile, I took another panadol and the same thing happened. This time, I couldn't ran to the toilet in time and threw up under my roommate's bed. I cleaned it immediately and went for bed.

I woke up and the first thing I knew, I was in a hospital. Sunway Medical Hospital, my mum told me. I was clueless at that time as I couldn't remember what happened to me that made me ended in the hospital. Many people came to visit me including my family members and relatives.

Days in the hospital was quite frustrating as I couldn't fell asleep that night, knowing that I would be moved into a single room the second day. I sound of a baby crying also contributed to my insomnia. I was totally bored.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for had came. At least I had a television and a toilet in the single room. There was even a large glass window beside my bed that shows the whole scenery of Sunway.

I had been using a urinary tube for the past few days as I was unable to go to the toilet on my own. Now is the time the tube would be removed. It was an unpleasant moment as I suffered from urinary problem for 2 days. I wasn't able to urinate although there was a strong, urgent feeling to urinate. It was very frustrating but slowly, I was able to overcome the problem. However, I couldn't seems to control my bladder so I had to wear pampers for the time being. It was not comfort at all. It took me a longer time to overcome the problem.

I am thankful that my mum and sisters had been such a helpful hand to me during my stay in the hospital. I wanted to thank my relatives too for their time and effort for visiting and cooking dinner for me.

On the day I was checked out of the hospital, I stepped on to the weighing machine and was shocked to see that I had lost 2 kg. So my parents bought me a mcdonald fish burger as a celebration for being checked out. It was delicious! During my stay, I did not have much appetite. Maybe this had contributed to the 2 kg lost.

After the day I was checked out, I was Invited by my kai-ma to go India(Kolkata) to meet her professor. After much thought, me and my mum finally agreed to go on the 3 days 2 night India trip.

I was rather worried yet excited about the trip. We will be staying in a hotel called D.K.International hotel that is commented as "poor man's 5 star hotel". I am looking forward to the chapati and nan over there. Got to taste the original taste of those foods. I hope everything will be smooth during my short trip to India.

Just wait for my next blog update about Kolkata. See you then!

A new beginning

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the start of the A-levels course, I already took it as a start of a new journey, a new beginning of my life. A whole new chapter. A wanted to make my parents and most importantly myself proud. I wanted to be proud of what I have done for myself. After all those sweat, tears and hardship. I have never had those kind of feelings before. I promised to do my best but look what a mess I have done? I wasted much of my time online and shopping that I don't have time to do any revision. :(

I went to the Popular bookstore, thinking of buying a notepad or something encouraging but I ended up leaving the bookstore bare-handed.

Despite facing much problems on my way to success, I know I can achieve what I aimed for, if my determination and will is strong enough. All I need is sacrifice. Am I willing to sacrifice my play time for study?

Ker Loon, always remember that if you do your best, there will be no regrets. Always Gambateh!! Fight fight!!

A-level is stressful

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The mounting stress and pressure day by day is unbearable. Chemistry homework still left undone. Economics test coming up this Wednesday. Have not even started studying economics although I promised myself to study it since two weeks ago and it should be at my fingertips by now. Mathematics too....still left untouched since May. Terrible! AS mock exam in two weeks time. Time is really running short. Really short.

This is terrible. I'm so terrible. Maybe I did not study hard enough. Feel so bad. Really bad and sad at the same time. My dream is to get straight A's for A-levels. I really want it badly. That is why I'm feeling all the stress right now. The fear that I will not get to achieve my goal. I don't want to be regretful anymore just like last year when I was in form 5. That is why I wanted to do my best before the time is up. But it is really hard. The road to success is really difficult that sometimes I doubt myself.


Stay strong!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Know what kind of scene in a movie or drama always makes me cry? It was when the character in a movie managed to stay strong and smile no matter how bad the situation is. I am envious and always wanted to be someone who is strong enough to hold back all the tears and sorrows.

Sometimes, I feel so down I wanted to breakdown and cry. I feel so insecured. No confidence at all to face the coming exam. Time is running short. So many things I don't know and I am expected to know them well already. Despite all these, I've decided to be like the strong character in a movie. Stay strong, smile and move on. Life goes on after all.

I'll try my best from now on no matter what happens. There's no harm to give my very best because I believe if I do so, everything will turn out right and there will be no regrets. Cheers!

Stay strong, smile and move on. Always believe in myself!


Friday, July 30, 2010

Omg! I want to go SHOPPING RIGHT NOW! *sob*

But I can't. shopping. I need to study. STUDY! S-T-U-D-Y! AS mock exam is coming soon. Really,really soon! So, hurry and study! Study consistently is important. No pain, no gain!

* Must try my best to get myself into the study mood*

ALL THE BEST! (fingers crossed)

What a day.....lucky?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Whee! Its a day for shopping again! I bought a blouse with 70% discount for just Rm17.70. Hahaha! Loving it!
Actually I wasn't suppose to have bought that blouse. When I wanted to pay for the blouse at the counter, the cashier told me that I need to have the PDI member card in order to buy that blouse, and that card cost Rm15 (I have only Rm20 in my purse at that moment). She asked me if I would like to buy the card and when I was about to say no, her supervisor spoke to her in cantonese '' She is not a local, just give it to her.'' OMG! LoL...I'm actually local. Wakakakka!!!^^

The thief of life..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lack of sleep? Not enough time to study? What is the root of problem? Self procrastination.

I always have the habit of leaving things done at the last minute. This is a very bad habit and I am aware of it. Therefore, I tried to change my lifestyle.

Talking about changing lifestyle, Its not just for a week, a month or a year. Its forever!

I really need to get rid of this bad habit or else it will get me into trouble. I tried to online less frequently. Spent more time on revision. Completing my homeworks bit by bit.

Not only that. I tried to have a healthy lifestyle too.
I drink more water, tried to sleep a little earlier, eat more fruits and vegetables, have a healthier diet.

Little did I know. I started to fail day by day.



Monday, July 12, 2010

Worries start to invade me as I grow older. I don't know if it is the stress that has caused my face to be full of pimples, or is it because of menstrual period. Pimples have been a pain to me since 15 and I eventually grow tired of them.

What is the cause of pimples? Stress? Then where does my stress come from? Worries.

I'm so worried about my future right now. What is the right career for me? What should I study? Actuarial science or accounting? Why is A-level such a pain? My dream is to be an actuarial science. But the chances for my dream to come true is really slim now. There are only a few universities that offer actuarial science courses. Most of them require at least AAB for A-level. My question is......what if I did not achieve the minimum result required? If I did, what is the chances for me to enter good universities like City University of London? I did not take further maths in A-levels which is already a disadvantage and there is no way for me to turn back. What to do? My only option is to get really good grades in A-levels ( especially maths). There is still no guarantee what will happen in future. Be an actuarist? Or an accountant?


To infinity and beyond!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I watched Toy Story 3 a few days ago with my friends. It is very funny but the ending is sad. I admit I cried at the end when Andy introduced all his toys one by one to Bonnie before he left, parting with his childhood toys and never look back again. Andy will never know how much his toys love him, especially Woody.

This is life. Reality will eventually force us to part with many things we cherish in life no matter how much we treasure them. We are to accept it, grow up and move on with our lives.

After watching that cartoon, the phrase ' to infinity and beyond ' seems to stuck in my head. I wonder how many things will always be with us to infinity and beyond? What are they?
Many emotions started to well up in me.

Friends? Family? Love?

I will never know. 'To infinity and beyond' is a strong phrase for my age.


I am so busy and tired right now. So many things to do. Study, revision, arranging notes,...........etc. Yet I still can't resist the temptation to online or listen to music or shopping which is actually a waste of time.

Only a few subjects but so many things to study. Economics, chemistry, mathematics and thinking skills. One and a half more months to AS trial exam. How? This feeling is even worse than facing SPM! :(

All I can do now is to study hard and do whatever I can to help myself. There is no end of hardwork. Hardwork is infinity! I'll try my best to infinity and beyond!!!

Looks & beauty

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, look! She is so pretty! Oh, he is so handsome!
''Looks! Is it really that important?'' I asked myself over and over again.
It gives a first impression to other people of how we behave, our characters and so on.

There are 2 types of beauty in this world. The outer beauty and inner beauty.
Outer beauty is the appearance whereas inner beauty is from the character of oneself.
I am always confused in deciding which is more important. Inner or outer?

Those who look beautiful always have a better opportunity in almost everything they do as they always look good. People seems to worship them just because of their beauty without really knowing them. This kind of thought always irritates me and makes me want to be beautiful too.

Inner beauty will only be noticed after a long period of time. People with inner beauty spread their beautiness slowly and steadily without rushing. Their beauty will slowly grow in others.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogger is the only site I can pour my thoughts out completely. Yeah...I guess so... :D

Its been nearly 7 months since I start studying A-levels course. So...what have I learned?
Umm...well...not much actually because I have not been paying attention and studying all these while. Day by day, I spent most of the time online, especially on facebook. In a blink of an eye, 7 months had already gone. 3 more months to AS exam. Fast? Yeah...really fast!

In order to get myself prepared for the exam, I started to have plans like gathering my notes and arranged them systematically. I bought some file holders so that my notes are not all jumble up when I need them. Besides, I tried to keep my desk as neat as possible by placing all the notes in the file holders orderly. In doing so, I hope to create a favourable environment for me to study.

Although I have not learned much in terms of academic but basically, I feel I have learned a lot from my daily life. I become more independent. More mature. I become more socialise by opening myself up to people. I become braver. I learned to do many things on my own, and this surprises many people, including myself. All of these contributed in building my self-esteem as I become more confident. I hope I will continue to improve myself and be a better person. XD


Things to think about...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There are so many things to think about. So many to wonder.

There are billions, thrillions or even zillions of people in this world but none of us can have the exact same face. There are so many kinds of beauty in this world that I can't seems to find an end for it. Almost everything is a beauty to me. As the idiom goes...' beauty in the eyes of the beholder'.

There are so many things to be worried of.

When a problem is solved, another occurs. And we will always find a way to solve it. It goes on and on as if there is no end of it. People are always in search of happiness. However, the search for happiness never ends too. When people found happiness, they want more. In other words, people are always not satisfied with what they already got. Humans are greedy in nature.

What is fate?

When I think of fate, I think of destiny. In fact, these two words are related. It is destiny that brings people together, and that is fate. Some people rushed into my life and leave quickly, leaving nothing behind. Some people came and stayed for awhile, giving colours to my life. But in the end, I am the one to determine whether my life will be a beautiful one or a dull one.

I am still searching for my dreams. Uncertain yet. Where will my life lead me? Which path will I choose to continue my journey? This is still a question to me. One thing I'm certain of is I'll continue to study A-levels and take business stream. There is no way in turning back to science stream anymore. I know my combination of subjects I took is rare but I have no other choice than to continue what I have studied so far. All I can do is to do my best.

I always have the thought of doing my best in everything I do but when its time to do it, I feel reluctant to do what I have planned.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It has been a long time since my last post. So many things had happened. Outings, exams, holidays,........and the leaving of Timothy Ong, my classmate. He left us without saying goodbye.
I am having a fever right now. Had since yesterday. And because of the fever, I got scolded by Mr.Chong, my chemistry lecturer for being late to class ( just 10 min only ).
I am still suffering from fever right now. I hope it will end soon as it makes me really suffer. I lost all my appetite and feel drowsy all the time. Being in this kind of situation really makes me want to cry.

My feelings~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hate it when people ignore me simply without any reasons. Really hate hate hate them.
I don't get why people seems to ignore me simply because I am quiet.
Come on...I am still a person...not an alien.
If you still consider me as a friend then talk to me.
Don't just ignore me everytime as if I'm if I don't even exist.
Its been 2 months already...and...we're still behaving like strangers,not friends although we're suppose to be 'friends' already.
I wonder what keeps you from talking to me.Why??
I wonder and wonder but still don't get it.
If you hate me, just tell me.
I'm okay with it.
If you ignore me just because i'm quiet, tell me..
I'm still okay with it because being quiet is my nature..
but if you ignore me just because of my looks,
I'll curse you forever!!!Trust me,I will!!!

...Sorry,I'm really angry and disappointed right now.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's day! Guess who gave me these roses?? Of course me(myself) la~ Who else would want to give roses to me?
These roses are actually for my parents but......I would want to keep it for myself. Haha~

A cute tiger-bear

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*gasp* Check this out......a tiger bear doll! So cute!!! XD I would love to have 1 for myself. Too bad its too expensive.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Woohoo~CNY(Chinese New Year) is coming soon. I went shopping just now and bought 2 clothes that cost me a total of RM60. One of the clothes design is quite weird but I still love it. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my CNY clothes. There is one that I bought in Malacca which looks like a picnic shirt. LOLs~
Right now, I have 4 CNY clothes. Initially I have 2 only but my mum wanted me to buy another clothes for CNY badly. So, I went to shop at sunway and ended up buying 2 clothes.
Oh my...I'm spending my money a little too fast. I just cashed out $200 a week ago and now I'm left with $25.
Jia you~ jia you~~3 more days to go~~~!!!
By the way, I'm having tests right after CNY.
Hz....I'm not even prepared for it....

'Nerd' is happy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm so happy that I got 2 economic books for FREE!!! Can you believe it? 2 ECONOMIC BOOKS FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Oh what was I doing?? Trying to be a nerd huh? Maybe I should learn to be a nerd. LOLs~

Where am I?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Whoa....where am I?? In Korea?? NO! I'm actually in KL korean street.^^

Walked past many korean shops. Really feel as if I'm in Korea.

Entered a grocery shop and everything sold there were from Korea. Specially imported from Korea for the koreans....

There is something on the tin that reads 'Sweet Redbean for Ice Water'. HUH??? What is that?? Sounds yucky to me though.

Happy Valentine's day with my half-broken earphone

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wah...what on earth happened to my earphone? T.T~~~I think I accidentally cut it with my scissors.

Oh well, seems like Valentine's day is around the corner, here's something for you.


Made a love shape with my half-broken-earphone.

Like it?

Happy Valentines day everyone!!

2 Days 1 Night trip to Tanarimba

Friday, February 5, 2010

Enderong House Resort

It might look like the building is going to fall of anytime soon but I ensure you, it's solid and stable.

Lake views captured from different angles.

Tanarimba's miniature river that's located right beside the pool.

The path that leads to the pool.

Had a 2 days 1 night trip to Tanarimba with my relatives.

I'm not really sure exactly where Tanarimba is. All I know is it's located somewhere in Janda Baik, Pahang and it's an hour drive away from Genting Highlands.

The air over there was so fresh, breeze so cool and free of air and noise pollution. You can literally see mist floating pass you if you wake up early in the morning after a heavy rain. Superb relaxing and enjoyable.

I love the peaceful scenery so much!

There is a moment in Tanarimba that I want to share with you.

It was rather late at night. Since there was no wireless connection and the phone line was really weak(I know...boring~), me and my cousins decided to play cards to pass time. Initially, we wanted to take a walk outside and enjoy the night breeze but it rained so we had no choice but to stay indoor and continue playing cards while my aunt played some old chinese songs. Yawn~

About 11pm, the rain stopped and we quickly grabbed our sweaters and ran out. OMG! It was so cooling that night! All 5 of us walked down to where the pool was and dipped out feet into the chilling water. I can't imagine if one of us accidentally fell into the pool. It would be freezing! There was still some lights so we can see where we are going.

Suddenly, the lights went off and all of us panicked because we did not stick together. Instinctively, we took out our handphones and started shouting at each other. (A good way to make use of our handphones as torchlights....haha) We figured our way through the darkness with extreme precaution, slowly and carefully. Halfway through, the lights came back and we were puzzled for a slight moment before rejoicing. We were about to leave the poolside when an uncle came down. He was as surprised to see us there as we were.

Uncle: "Aiyoo! I don't know you guys are still here. Actually I want to off the lights from the main switch up there but there's something wrong so I came down."

LOL! If the switch had not gone wrong, it would surely take us ages to gather and walk up the long and winding stairs.

So, what happened after that?

The uncle thought my cousin how to switch off the lights before leaving us and we continued our exploration. We walked through some tiny paths that lead us to a jungle. It was a jungle-trekking path I guess. We did not walk any further anyway as it was rather dark and late already and we did not want to meet any nightmares. Wooo~

We hold our hands tight. When my cousin switched off the lights, we were like "Oh, handphone! Handphone!". But after awhile, we don't find our handphones(as torchlights) that useful anymore. Our surroundings gradually got lighter from the moonlight. It was full moon and the moon was right above the lake so we stopped and enjoyed the full-moon-lake scenery for awhile before heading up the stairs.

I did not took any night scenery that day as I only had a poor camera quality handphone but the night scenery that day was gorgeous!

Well, that's all I can write for this enjoyable two days trip. Hope you do enjoy reading. =)

A little tiny chapter of my new life in sunway

Thursday, February 4, 2010

(Alarm ringing)......look at the alarm.....ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........(dreaming~).........wake up and look at the clock again........OH NO Sh*T!!!!!!!!

Every morning,I would wake up approximately 1 hour before class starts to make sure that I have enough time to drag so that I will not be late for class. Again the same old routine.....brush teeth,wash face,change clothes,................(bla~bla~bla~).................and rush out for class.

Attending classes isn't taking me anywhere. I feel as if I'm not learning anything especially maths class. However, chemistry and economic classes are starting to make me shiver with fear. I got panic when I don't seem to understand or follow what the teacher is trying to teach. RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is I'm going to meet Super Junior this coming 20th March! Woohoo~!!! I can finally able to see my dream guy(Leeteuk) in front of my eyes. Oh yes...finally!
I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Leeteuk~~~^^
The good news that follows is that I am able to meet the person I like.^^

My primary school class(6U) is having a reunion on the 20th March too. clashes with the SJ concert. Now which is more important?? Reunion or SJ concert? Of course it SJ concert dong......I have spent so much time and money just to go to the concert. I will never let myself down.

As you know, my ambition is to become a professional actuarist. I am very sure about it since the day I know about this job. However, I faced some problems recently. The comments many people gave and their opinions about actuarial science are bugging me. They make me feel less and less confident in pursuing this job. The subjects I am taking right now is a factor too. Especially economics. I can't really understand what the teacher is teaching.(ok....maybe some only) What I want to say is that if AS is really as tough as what those people described and I can't even understand the simple concepts in economics, should I still continue to pursue my ambition?

"Don't ever give up what you have now. Just don't ever give up. Be brave and continue to walk on the path you have chosen. Just continue......don't look back anymore. Stay strong always~"

Sunway Lagoon view

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is the Sunway Lagoon view from my hostel.

I know! The view doesn't look nice in the picture as I took it with my low pixel handphone camera.

College life

Thursday, January 7, 2010

College is kind of interesting. There were times when I felt lonely. Initially, I dislike my hostel but after some time,I got used to it. I have a Sunway Lagoon view from my room. I guess there is a concert held at Sunway today. It is so noisy that I can hear it clearly from my room. concert.Hoho~

I took 4 subjects for A-level(physics,chemistry,maths and economics) and I started to regret now. I am thinking of dropping either physics or chemistry. I'm still not sure which to drop. Both seems interesting though hard to understand. Hope that I can make a decision soon. Whether to drop or not to.

I still find it difficult with my college life. I have to worry about what to have for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Aiyoo......@@
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