Sunday, February 7, 2010

Woohoo~CNY(Chinese New Year) is coming soon. I went shopping just now and bought 2 clothes that cost me a total of RM60. One of the clothes design is quite weird but I still love it. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my CNY clothes. There is one that I bought in Malacca which looks like a picnic shirt. LOLs~
Right now, I have 4 CNY clothes. Initially I have 2 only but my mum wanted me to buy another clothes for CNY badly. So, I went to shop at sunway and ended up buying 2 clothes.
Oh my...I'm spending my money a little too fast. I just cashed out $200 a week ago and now I'm left with $25.
Jia you~ jia you~~3 more days to go~~~!!!
By the way, I'm having tests right after CNY.
Hz....I'm not even prepared for it....

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