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Thursday, February 4, 2010

(Alarm ringing)......look at the clock.....off alarm.....ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........(dreaming~).........wake up and look at the clock again........OH NO Sh*T!!!!!!!!

Every morning,I would wake up approximately 1 hour before class starts to make sure that I have enough time to drag so that I will not be late for class. Again the same old routine.....brush teeth,wash face,change clothes,................(bla~bla~bla~).................and rush out for class.

Attending classes isn't taking me anywhere. I feel as if I'm not learning anything especially maths class. However, chemistry and economic classes are starting to make me shiver with fear. I got panic when I don't seem to understand or follow what the teacher is trying to teach. RED ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is I'm going to meet Super Junior this coming 20th March! Woohoo~!!! I can finally able to see my dream guy(Leeteuk) in front of my eyes. Oh yes...finally!
I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Leeteuk~~~^^
The good news that follows is that I am able to meet the person I like.^^

My primary school class(6U) is having a reunion on the 20th March too. Sigh...it clashes with the SJ concert. Now which is more important?? Reunion or SJ concert? Of course it SJ concert dong......I have spent so much time and money just to go to the concert. I will never let myself down.

As you know, my ambition is to become a professional actuarist. I am very sure about it since the day I know about this job. However, I faced some problems recently. The comments many people gave and their opinions about actuarial science are bugging me. They make me feel less and less confident in pursuing this job. The subjects I am taking right now is a factor too. Especially economics. I can't really understand what the teacher is teaching.(ok....maybe some only) What I want to say is that if AS is really as tough as what those people described and I can't even understand the simple concepts in economics, should I still continue to pursue my ambition?

"Don't ever give up what you have now. Just don't ever give up. Be brave and continue to walk on the path you have chosen. Just continue......don't look back anymore. Stay strong always~"

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