2 Days 1 Night trip to Tanarimba

Friday, February 5, 2010

Enderong House Resort

It might look like the building is going to fall of anytime soon but I ensure you, it's solid and stable.

Lake views captured from different angles.

Tanarimba's miniature river that's located right beside the pool.

The path that leads to the pool.

Had a 2 days 1 night trip to Tanarimba with my relatives.

I'm not really sure exactly where Tanarimba is. All I know is it's located somewhere in Janda Baik, Pahang and it's an hour drive away from Genting Highlands.

The air over there was so fresh, breeze so cool and free of air and noise pollution. You can literally see mist floating pass you if you wake up early in the morning after a heavy rain. Superb relaxing and enjoyable.

I love the peaceful scenery so much!

There is a moment in Tanarimba that I want to share with you.

It was rather late at night. Since there was no wireless connection and the phone line was really weak(I know...boring~), me and my cousins decided to play cards to pass time. Initially, we wanted to take a walk outside and enjoy the night breeze but it rained so we had no choice but to stay indoor and continue playing cards while my aunt played some old chinese songs. Yawn~

About 11pm, the rain stopped and we quickly grabbed our sweaters and ran out. OMG! It was so cooling that night! All 5 of us walked down to where the pool was and dipped out feet into the chilling water. I can't imagine if one of us accidentally fell into the pool. It would be freezing! There was still some lights so we can see where we are going.

Suddenly, the lights went off and all of us panicked because we did not stick together. Instinctively, we took out our handphones and started shouting at each other. (A good way to make use of our handphones as torchlights....haha) We figured our way through the darkness with extreme precaution, slowly and carefully. Halfway through, the lights came back and we were puzzled for a slight moment before rejoicing. We were about to leave the poolside when an uncle came down. He was as surprised to see us there as we were.

Uncle: "Aiyoo! I don't know you guys are still here. Actually I want to off the lights from the main switch up there but there's something wrong so I came down."

LOL! If the switch had not gone wrong, it would surely take us ages to gather and walk up the long and winding stairs.

So, what happened after that?

The uncle thought my cousin how to switch off the lights before leaving us and we continued our exploration. We walked through some tiny paths that lead us to a jungle. It was a jungle-trekking path I guess. We did not walk any further anyway as it was rather dark and late already and we did not want to meet any nightmares. Wooo~

We hold our hands tight. When my cousin switched off the lights, we were like "Oh, handphone! Handphone!". But after awhile, we don't find our handphones(as torchlights) that useful anymore. Our surroundings gradually got lighter from the moonlight. It was full moon and the moon was right above the lake so we stopped and enjoyed the full-moon-lake scenery for awhile before heading up the stairs.

I did not took any night scenery that day as I only had a poor camera quality handphone but the night scenery that day was gorgeous!

Well, that's all I can write for this enjoyable two days trip. Hope you do enjoy reading. =)


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  2. the lousiest place that i ever stay... price 4 star.. room 2 star and service 1 star.. you are obliged to comply all the house rules.. if you break anyone of it.. u will be forfeited the security deposit. Ridiculous experience ever... THINK TWICE before you decide to stay here.


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