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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I hate it when people ignore me simply without any reasons. Really hate hate hate them.
I don't get why people seems to ignore me simply because I am quiet.
Come on...I am still a person...not an alien.
If you still consider me as a friend then talk to me.
Don't just ignore me everytime as if I'm if I don't even exist.
Its been 2 months already...and...we're still behaving like strangers,not friends although we're suppose to be 'friends' already.
I wonder what keeps you from talking to me.Why??
I wonder and wonder but still don't get it.
If you hate me, just tell me.
I'm okay with it.
If you ignore me just because i'm quiet, tell me..
I'm still okay with it because being quiet is my nature..
but if you ignore me just because of my looks,
I'll curse you forever!!!Trust me,I will!!!

...Sorry,I'm really angry and disappointed right now.

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