The Unproductive Moments

Friday, November 23, 2012

After weeks of studies, I just realized something really important.

I'm so unproductive!

If numbers can be used to measure my productivity, it would definitely be negative, probably -10 and below! 

I just couldn't believe that after attending Financial Accounting & Reporting(FAR) classes for 5 weeks,
I learned nothing.

Sitting through the whole 5 weeks of FAR classes without understanding a thing that was taught is probably one of the most fearful thing I've ever had because mid-term exam is only 2 weeks away.

That's probably because I'm either a slow learner or stupid or lazy.
Maybe it involves all three factors.

That's how unproductive and helpless I am.

So, to save myself from this mess, I've decided to put on an effort to study and try to understand FAR.
(Eh....I should have done this a long time ago lah!)

Now, it's time to go back to studies already.




SBS upcoming drama "Cheongdamdong Alice"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm really excited about Park Shi Hoo's drama comeback with Moon Geun Young in the upcoming SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice".

Although some may say this pair seems unlikable but I don't see any problem at all. Their age gap seems too wide? Age is not a problem, dude. Age is not a problem.  I've been rooting for Park Shi Hoo ever since The Princess' Man which I even raved about it in a review. Here's my rather long review of The Princess' Man in case you want to know what I raved about.

Korean drama review: The Princess' Man

Here's a short synopsis if you're curious of what this drama is about.

Han Se Kyung is a talented young designer who lives each day with the motto "Strive for your dream to succeed." until she met Cha Seung Jo, a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdamdong who will change her life.

Credit: DramaWiki

Honestly, I really think this pair would look good together. I just wish the drama wouldn't turn out disappointing. But disappointing or not, I'll still watch it anyway just for Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young so who cares? haha

Let's cheers for their upcoming drama, Cheongdamdong Alice, shall we?

Oh wait, here's a hot photo of Park Shi Hoo.

And miss Moon Geun Young.

Plain Friday

Friday, November 9, 2012

My days have been so busy recently even though I'm just at the beginning phase of the trimester that I have to question myself, "Am I in the right course? Should I continue?"

Actually, I've repeatedly asked myself the same question over and over again. Should I just change? Why don't I just change? I can study anything else, banking and finance, marketing, international business, ...... anything easier than accounting. Why still stick to accounting like it's the only option? It's still not too late to change my mind.

But, if I change, then what? Is it the best for me? Is that what I want? Is it guaranteed to be easier? Do I have to waste another year to start another course all over again? I think and think and rethink and finally, I decided: "I tahan la. I have to finish what I have started. All I have to do is just shout TAHAN! TAHAN! for another 4 years and everything will be over."

Anyway, it was a busy day today, rushing around for classes and completing tutorials. Rush, rush, rush and finally, when all those annoying tasks are over and I can finally let myself rest, somebody called.

It was someone from the exam unit department.

"Hello. I'm miss XXX calling from ERU."
"I want to inform you that we cannot register you in the tutorial group BM120F because that group is not in the operating system."
"We cannot register you because it's not in the operating system. You have to choose other group."
"But...but that's the only group I can attend since other groups are already full or have clashes and I just attended the class just now. No problem ar....only few people...."
"You come here. It'll be easier to explain."
*Explain what? You already said it's the system's problem. So explain what? Explain that........mmu system sucks?*

So I had to walk all the way to ERU and luckily they had a good reason for that. Okay's not fully the system's fault. I'm partially at fault too for stating my lecture section as 121(old) instead of 120(new) because.....because.........*sigh* long story! Don't want to bore you guys so let's move on. In the end, everything turned out fine and I'm a happy girl again!

Got home today and saw something on my table. 

A letter for me? That's rare.

So it's a letter from Google eh..... A scam I guess? Well, better than nothing at all. I used to receive many scam letters from Readers Digest when I was subscribed to it two years ago. My gosh......those were really annoying!

Let's see what I have here......

It's actually a letter encouraging me to use Google Adwords and there's an offer for that. So, what is Adwords about?'s hard to explain and I don't want to explain it because I don't understand and I'm not really interested at it.

 Thanks Google anyway for the offer but no thanks.

So this is it. You've reach the end. Thanks for reading my blog and good day! Wishing you......

Korean movie review: The Perfect Couple

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My new trimester is driving me nuts, especially the Monday schedule. I don't know how I survived the first 2 weeks but I did. 3 more months to go so GAMBATEH!!

To compensate the stress and reward myself for surviving yet another hectic week, I've decided to make every Friday/Saturday night a movie night(since I can't watch yeah)!

There are actually a lot of movies uploaded on Youtube, be it english movies, chinese movies, korean movies, japanese movies, indian movies or thai movies, they are all there in FULL. However, most of the movies are rather old already(produced in the 200X) but still, it's worth checking them out. Here's a movie I watched on Youtube.

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple aka The Best Romance is a korean movie directed by Kim Jung Woo, starring Hyun Young as journalist Choi Soo Jin and Lee Dong Wook as detective Kang Jae Hyuk.

Choi Soo Jin is a harebrained journalist with an annoying high-pitched voice while detective Kang Jae Hyuk has a cold personality with peak-phobia. Both of them meet through an incident where Soo Jin accidentally pokes Jae Hyuk's abdomen with a fish skewer, something that Jae Hyuk fears immensely. The situation got further complicated when both of them are assigned to produce a reality television program about Jae Hyuk's police work.

My review:

Fast paced, hilarious and enjoyable but lack of romance.
Can I change the title? This movie should be called The Crazy Couple instead of The Prefect Couple.

That gaze! That gaze! *faint* lol

Since this movie is able to lighten my mood and make me feel happy, I have no complaints because it's fine even without much romance. There isn't a dull moment as the movie moved on quickly from scenes to scenes that's sure to make you laugh. Not to mention, some cool actions from Lee Dong Wook towards the end of the movie, which is a plus. Oh, can I change the movie title? It should be The Crazy Couple instead of The Prefect Couple.

The only thing that bugs me is Hyun Young's voice. I even read a comment on Youtube commenting: "The movie would be even better if the girl is a mute." Hahaha! So bad!

Despite the lack of romance, an unspeakable onscreen chemistry seems to exist between the two actors. Strange, huh?

Overall, I enjoyed this movie very much. It was much better than I expected.

Thanks a lot for reading guys!

Back to blogging

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It has been a long, long time since my last blog update and I can barely remember when was the last interesting post that I wrote. Oh wait, was there any interesting ones? Never mind. This is my blog anyway so who cares?

Holiday came and went by just like that and all I did was just one post throughout the holiday. It's not like I was really busy. I was actually just busy doing NOTHING. I actually tried to update my blog but somehow they all just ended up as drafts instead. There's no idea or motivation whatsoever for me to continue writing those posts so they all ended up rotting in my draft box. Let's just say I'm lazy as hell. Yeah....that's the best excuse I can give. Or maybe I've found a better hobby than blogging that is knitting. I'm turning into a granny! Ok let's not talk about that.

I'm surprised that despite the lack of updates, there are still some returning visits(yes I track you people). Maybe they are just visits from people I know but still, I want to thank them and let them know that I greatly appreciate their support. Thankiu! Thankiu! Thankiu! hahaha! You guys must be disappointed at each visit to my blog. Don't worry! I'm back now, all fresh and lively once again!

(Actually I'm lying about being lively. Who knows I'll feel so worn out starting from the second week of trimester onwards?)

I can't guarantee that my blog will be as active as before but...............but.....................ok I'll try my best to update whenever I can, ok? lol

My new trimester's schedule is driving me crazy, I doubt I can update my blog twice a week like I did before. I think once a week should be sufficient enough. Sometimes I wonder how some people can update their blogs DAILY. I don't mean niche blogs but personal blogs. What do they write about? Don't they have other things to take care of, such as studies, assignments, exams, work, etc? Is their everyday that happening? Unless they're full-time bloggers then I have nothing to say. Or maybe they treat their blog as a diary.

And then, there are people who gain popularity and earn bucks from blogging. How legit is this?

Here are some famous bloggers who do just that:
(Actually there are many but I'll just list some. You know, I'm lazy. Zzz.......haha!)

Xiaxue: Ok everyone knows who she is(at least for bloggers). She's a singaporean blogger. A friend of mine introduced her blog to me a long time ago but I rarely read it. It's lengthy with lots of rants and raves but entertaining enough. Avid blog readers will enjoy reading it.

Kenny Sia: One of my favorite malaysian blogger.  Hilarious and entertaining.

Chuckei: Was browsing a forum out of boredom and the people were talking about chuckei so this is how I came to know about this blogger. Her name is Jane Lau. Her blog is just ordinary, nothing interesting. Perhaps famous as a beautiful blogger?

QiuQiu: Her name is Bong Qiu Ting I think. She's a friend of Xiaxue so apparently she's a famous blogger too. Anyway, I love visiting her blog, I don't know why.

Somehow, these bloggers did have something about themselves or their blogs and some special formula that make it possible for them to be famous.

Anyway, if by chance, you're a loyal blog reader of mine, *ahem* you would have noticed something extra on the right column of my blog beneath the blog translator. Yes. Adsense is back again after being advertorial-free for 4 months! =D

And you would also notice that the chatbox has disappeared. The reason why I removed it was because of the loads of spam messages. LOOK!

What the hell is with this stupid chatbox? What Lady Gaga? What Britney Spears? What Miley Cyrus blablablabla Spice Girls? wth? You all can go RIP!

So in the end I just get rid of it because I cannot stand it anymore. My blog doesn't need a chatbox anyway. NO PEOPLE TO CHAT WITH ME! *sob*

Anyway, just want to say I'm back to blogging and thanks for reading!

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