Brain vs Me

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Brain: Oh come on, it's half past midnight and your eyes are closing already. You have class tomorrow! 

Me: Wait! Let me watch another video. Just a short one.

Look! It's Lady Antebellum!

Cute sleepy animals!


2.00 am

Oh well.....

Vanity corner: Happy June~

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello! Ohaiyogozaimasu!
Welcome to vanity corner where you'll get to see more of me.

In another 2 more days, I will be welcoming July with wide open arms and shout out loud:

"July is going to be a good month! I'm going to enjoy this month!"

June wasn't exactly a happy month. It taught me that odd things does happen and nothing comes easy. Change is inevitable. Decisions, forever a dilemma.

June wasn't exactly a sad month either. It showed me how little I saw before when I thought I've seen everything. It opened doors that I've never realized exists.

Many people asked me this:

"Do you think you've made the right decision?"


"How sure are you?"

"My heart told me so."

 If I were given a second chance to think and rethink, I'll still make the same decision. I'm not sure if it's the right decision or if I'll shout I regret! in the future but.....
Hey, who are we to know what is the right decision?
Regret? I'm sure I wouldn't in the future.

So, to everyone who dropped by this page,
thanks for reading and have a good month ahead!


Here Comes Malaysia's "Haze Season"

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here comes Malaysia's "haze season"!

It was early in the morning about 7am when I woke up and smelt a strong waft of burning smoke as if somewhere nearby was caught on fire or someone irresponsible was burning heaps of rubbish. I was expecting to get some fresh air into my lungs because that's what I always do when I wake up this early in the morning. Instead, all I get is the smell of haze. Oh great. The haze season has come. The haze was pretty terrible as I couldn't get a clear vision of my living room from my kitchen. See how severe it was?

It was all hazy everywhere in Melaka that day but the haze subsided in the next few days and I thought:

"Oh yes! It's not that bad already. Maybe Indonesia finally realize what they're doing and how they've made their neighbour's citizens suffer. Maybe they've stopped the burning."

This morning, Melaka turns hazy again.
And it got worse.

Alright. I'm so stupid to think they'll actually stop burning. The indonesians probably couldn't control the burning themselves because of the strong monsoon wind.

The air pollution index(API) in Melaka rises to 357 today while Muar, Johor hits 750. It was told that the haze will continue on until the end of July. Although the haze in Melaka is just half of Muar, it's still unbearable. I don't really know how people in Muar are going live in this kind of hazardous air pollution for the next whole month. Let's just hope that the API will stop rising. Oh god! Let's bring on the rain! Bring it on!

This is how it looks like from my room window a few days ago when the API was still below 300. It looks all greyish like a dead town huh? Zombieland~ ^_^

This is how Singapore looks like with API 400. You can barely see Marina Bay Sands!

No matter how bad the air pollution is, we still have to continue on with our lives. Everyone, drink more water, stay indoors(if possible) and pray for the rain!

Tsubasa Chronicle soundtracks

Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone has their own lives to live. You can't always live other people's life or ask others to follow yours.

These were my past favorite soundtracks from Tsubasa Chronicle. Haven't listen to them for years.

1.) Lost Wings
2.) Hear Our Prayer

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