Vanity corner: Happy June~

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello! Ohaiyogozaimasu!
Welcome to vanity corner where you'll get to see more of me.

In another 2 more days, I will be welcoming July with wide open arms and shout out loud:

"July is going to be a good month! I'm going to enjoy this month!"

June wasn't exactly a happy month. It taught me that odd things does happen and nothing comes easy. Change is inevitable. Decisions, forever a dilemma.

June wasn't exactly a sad month either. It showed me how little I saw before when I thought I've seen everything. It opened doors that I've never realized exists.

Many people asked me this:

"Do you think you've made the right decision?"


"How sure are you?"

"My heart told me so."

 If I were given a second chance to think and rethink, I'll still make the same decision. I'm not sure if it's the right decision or if I'll shout I regret! in the future but.....
Hey, who are we to know what is the right decision?
Regret? I'm sure I wouldn't in the future.

So, to everyone who dropped by this page,
thanks for reading and have a good month ahead!


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