The awkward moment when...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

There are many awkward situations in life and these might have been the reasons that inspired many people to share their awkward moments like for example through memes.

This is literally what happened to me during my mid-term exam a few days ago. LOL! I'm screwed. Really.

Ryan Higa, better known as nigahiga, made a short funny video of this topic. It's really funny!

And some even talk about awkward moments in asian drama.

LOL! Guess which drama is this scene from?

Now, my version of awkward moment.

The awkward when....
you ask your friend what brand of bb cream she uses to apply on her skin and she stared at you as if you're talking about aliens out of the blue because she uses nothing but water and she has gorgeous skin.

AH!!! WHY?! You serious?!!!


*sigh* Talk about having superb genes. I've tried lots of products and there's still tons of pimples on my face. EPIC FAIL.

Okay, that's not exactly awkward.

I have 2 even more awkward moments I can remember in my life.

The first one....

The awkward moment when.....
you entered the lift, accidentally pressed on the alarm button instead of the door open button, and continue pressing the button while looking at each and everyone in the lift, wondering which of them is overweight.  =.="

And the most epic awkward moment I had so far in my life is when I was 15.

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. As usual, I was waiting for my friend's parents to come and fetch me to tuition. It was getting late already as the tuition starts at 2.00pm and my watch was showing 1.55pm but the car has not come yet. Anxiously, I waited.

Finally, a car stopped right in front of my house and swiftly I opened the door, sat and was all ready to go. I looked around me at each of the passengers and thought: "Hmm.....they don't look familiar. I wonder who are they. Eh, where is my friend? And the driver........................."

To my horror, immediately, I apologized and sprang out of the car like an olympic long jumper.

That car.....that car..........was my neighbour's friend's car! awkward and embarrassing. I feel like banging the wall.

How about you guys? Do you have any awkward moments to share?

Please let me watch 49 days!!! LOL!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm all alone in the library right now. Just as I thought I can finally make use of the university's speedy line to download my next to-watch korean drama(49 days) while doing my homework, YouTube removed the video.


YouTube! Why you remove it!

Now I have to wait for some kind people to upload all the episodes. I hope there will be other people uploading it. Please~please~please~

*fingers crossed*

 I don't want to stuck at episode 7 forever. T^T

How I spent my RM200 book voucher

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi guys!

The 1st week of semester 3 just started and from what I know, it's gonna be a hectic semester. Quizzes and assignments are piling up and mid-term exam is just 2 weeks away(duh....why so fast)

Actually, I have 2 quizzes next week and an assignment waiting for me.......

So, why am I here?

1.) I don't have to mood to study right now and
2.) I don't want to keep breaking my promise of updating my blog.

Anyway, what did I promised to blog about already?
Oh, nevermind.
Let's just get started.

All Malaysian students of higher institute were given a RM200 book voucher...... or should I say I'm lucky? Because some of my friends didn't have the luck to receive that free voucher.

Though it's a free book voucher, I actually had a hard time deciding what books to buy.

I walked around Popular bookstore and found out it isn't selling just books but CD and DVDs too. I was so excited when I found korean dramas on the DVD shelves but I almost got an heart attack when I looked at the price ranging from RM80 to RM100. It'll be such a waste if I bought them so I decided to buy some books instead.

Here they are.....

Books for myself. Bought 3 Jodi Picoult's books because I'm such a fan of her after reading My Sister's Keeper.

Some books for mum....

 And a correction tape for my sister.

I just started reading Lone Wolf. Maybe I'll write a review of it after I finished reading it? I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't either. LOL!

Etude house mini haul and books

Friday, March 9, 2012

I went shopping some days ago during my holidays.

This is a summary of what I bought:

I walked past:

My attention was drawn by the price of this:
Price: RM20

So I decided to buy it but to get this for free:
Shinee!! No Sandara?

I need to spend a total of RM30 and above so I bought these:
Price: RM8


Then I went to the bookstore and bought:


Then I went into VOIR shop and got myself a collar blouse.

So that's all for my mini Etude house haul and the books. It was also my first time buying Etude products. I hope they weren't disappointing.

I woke up the second day and got this:

A free Biore cleanser sample.

Then I remembered I did a Biore survey that promised to send a free sample to all the participants.

I realised Etude House's products are pretty cute and reasonable. Not sure about the quality though. I might buy some of its products again if the products I bought don't disappoint me. =D


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It was my first time with MUET (and I hope it's the last). What I thought was like the 1119 english paper but it was more than that. MUET is a combination of reading, writing, listening and speaking whereas 1119 is just reading and writing. Oh no, MUET has speaking! My worst fear!

I just logged on Facebook and saw someone posted this:

Answers for March 2012 MUET reading test

Initially, I just wanted to check on the answers for the first 10 questions but ended up checking all of it. That was when I left a big *SIGH*.

If had made better preparations for it (as if I even cared to prepare). If I could just read a little faster. If I had the time and chance to revised my answers before I handed them up. If only, if only.....

My problem is I read too slow and did have enough time to finished that paper. I was left with 3 questions when the examiner announced:" Time's up!". So frantically, I just simply filled in the answers. And I made quite some mistakes especially at the last 2 passages. Due to the lack of time, I just skimmed through the paragraphs and filled the answers without understanding the passages thoroughly.

But reading isn't what I concerned the most. What worries me is the writing and listening. (As for speaking, I gave up worrying about it as I know I did badly. LOL!)

Due to NO preparations at all, I was literally empty minded when I looked at the essay title. I squeezed on my brain juices, hoping I can come up with some ideas but realized there's not much juices left for me to squeeze on. So there, I crapped here and there, hoping what I wrote is useful. After all, I did produced what I though was an essay, right? In the end when it's time for me to hand up my 'creation', I hastily counted the total amount of words and "OMG! Is it just 300++ words? I need another 50!! Hallelujah!" And the ideas I wrote were just barely a scratch on the surface. =_=

As for listening, well.....I don't really know what the expected answers should be. I mean how should I present my answers? I have no idea. All I knew was I had to write down what I thought was the right answer.

Lalalala~ enough with the MUET rants already. It's already over after all. (Phew....thank god!) All I have to do now is to wait for the results to be out. I really hope I can achieve at least a band 4 for MUET or else I'll start to question myself how on earth I can get A1 for 1119 in SPM 3 years ago.


Wonder how I spent that RM200 book voucher and what I bought from Etude house?
I will reveal it soon on my next post. ^^

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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