How I spent my RM200 book voucher

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi guys!

The 1st week of semester 3 just started and from what I know, it's gonna be a hectic semester. Quizzes and assignments are piling up and mid-term exam is just 2 weeks away(duh....why so fast)

Actually, I have 2 quizzes next week and an assignment waiting for me.......

So, why am I here?

1.) I don't have to mood to study right now and
2.) I don't want to keep breaking my promise of updating my blog.

Anyway, what did I promised to blog about already?
Oh, nevermind.
Let's just get started.

All Malaysian students of higher institute were given a RM200 book voucher...... or should I say I'm lucky? Because some of my friends didn't have the luck to receive that free voucher.

Though it's a free book voucher, I actually had a hard time deciding what books to buy.

I walked around Popular bookstore and found out it isn't selling just books but CD and DVDs too. I was so excited when I found korean dramas on the DVD shelves but I almost got an heart attack when I looked at the price ranging from RM80 to RM100. It'll be such a waste if I bought them so I decided to buy some books instead.

Here they are.....

Books for myself. Bought 3 Jodi Picoult's books because I'm such a fan of her after reading My Sister's Keeper.

Some books for mum....

 And a correction tape for my sister.

I just started reading Lone Wolf. Maybe I'll write a review of it after I finished reading it? I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't either. LOL!

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