Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It was my first time with MUET (and I hope it's the last). What I thought was like the 1119 english paper but it was more than that. MUET is a combination of reading, writing, listening and speaking whereas 1119 is just reading and writing. Oh no, MUET has speaking! My worst fear!

I just logged on Facebook and saw someone posted this:

Answers for March 2012 MUET reading test

Initially, I just wanted to check on the answers for the first 10 questions but ended up checking all of it. That was when I left a big *SIGH*.

If had made better preparations for it (as if I even cared to prepare). If I could just read a little faster. If I had the time and chance to revised my answers before I handed them up. If only, if only.....

My problem is I read too slow and did have enough time to finished that paper. I was left with 3 questions when the examiner announced:" Time's up!". So frantically, I just simply filled in the answers. And I made quite some mistakes especially at the last 2 passages. Due to the lack of time, I just skimmed through the paragraphs and filled the answers without understanding the passages thoroughly.

But reading isn't what I concerned the most. What worries me is the writing and listening. (As for speaking, I gave up worrying about it as I know I did badly. LOL!)

Due to NO preparations at all, I was literally empty minded when I looked at the essay title. I squeezed on my brain juices, hoping I can come up with some ideas but realized there's not much juices left for me to squeeze on. So there, I crapped here and there, hoping what I wrote is useful. After all, I did produced what I though was an essay, right? In the end when it's time for me to hand up my 'creation', I hastily counted the total amount of words and "OMG! Is it just 300++ words? I need another 50!! Hallelujah!" And the ideas I wrote were just barely a scratch on the surface. =_=

As for listening, well.....I don't really know what the expected answers should be. I mean how should I present my answers? I have no idea. All I knew was I had to write down what I thought was the right answer.

Lalalala~ enough with the MUET rants already. It's already over after all. (Phew....thank god!) All I have to do now is to wait for the results to be out. I really hope I can achieve at least a band 4 for MUET or else I'll start to question myself how on earth I can get A1 for 1119 in SPM 3 years ago.


Wonder how I spent that RM200 book voucher and what I bought from Etude house?
I will reveal it soon on my next post. ^^

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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