Time to exercise!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The consequences of enjoying too much food during Chinese New Year is rather bad. My thigh looks bigger and tummy seems rounder. Even my yoga teacher said I've gone fat.

Even my once-healing-skin had worsen. Acne showed themselves once again. Maybe its because I ate too much fried and oily food? *sigh*

Although I am still underweight after gaining 1 or 2 kg, I don't want to look short and plum with my height. Got to keep fit to matter what!

Curious, I googled the topic "can exercise improve acne?".

Exercise can help acne by increasing the blood flow to the skin and providing oxgyen to the skin cells. Moderate sweating will clean the pores from the inside. This in turn will aid skin health and reduce acne by both preventing further outbreaks of acne and helping existing acne disappear. Spots and blackheads will heal quicker and scars will fade.

Oh, is that so? I'm so start exercising!!! =)

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