Money from heaven?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a week before Chinese New Year, I went to my favorite restaurant, Pak Putra, with my family for supper. Pak Putra is an indian restaurant famous for it tandoori chicken. My favorite food is their garlic naan.

While we were sitting there chatting away while waiting for our foods to be served, a waiter came and talked to us and told us something about angpau(red packet). Since he is a indian, he spoke english in an indian slang which we can't really hear properly. We thought he wants angpau too! After some time of explanation, we finally understood what he was trying to say.

During our last visit in 1-12-2010, we forgot to receive the change after paying rm50. So now, he would like to give back the change and want us to treat it as a angpau from them. Such an honest person isn't he?

The second day, my sister phoned my grandmother and told her about that incident. She even asked her to buy the lottery number : 2380. Why? Because the change was rm23.80.

A week later, my sister went to fetch my grandmother.

"KH, I got it!"
"The number!! The one you told me that day!"

Wow! What a lucky day! Perhaps a gift from heaven?

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