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Saturday, December 10, 2011

There goes another last minute study for maths: Probability and Statistics. I know I shouldn't do any last-minute work by now as I'm 19 years old right? But I just couldn't help it.

The devil Amber kept saying: "'s just maths after all. It's just a mid-test. It's only two chapters. No worries!"

Angel Amber: "Oh freak! Why are you always listening to the devil?! Please..........damn."

Don't worry. My mid-test is already over. It was okay. Looks like my last-minute study worked again. Muahaha~

Oh well, although I can handle this last minute task this time but I'm sure this bad habit is going to eat me up someday and force me to face the consequences. *sobs*

You know I'm a k-pop fan, right? (Almost an addict.) If you don't, now you know. That's why I'm constantly following k-pop news from allkpop. No. I don't read ALL the news. Just a few here and there daily and that's enough.

I just want to share something.

My ideal dream dress!


After School's UEE showing off her Barbie trophy she received from '2011 Barbie & Ken Awards'.

It's the dress on that barbie I'm talking about! OMG!!! That's  so so soooooo gorgeous!!! I wouldn't mind if it's just a trophy. No wonder UEE is proud of it.
If you didn't notice, she's wearing the same dress as her barbie trophy. OMG! I want that dress!!! T^T

By the way, that dress looks like some kind of fairylike wedding dress. Okay, I've decided. That dress is going to be my wedding dress.

*cough...cough..* Maybe it's a little too early for me to think of wedding. Hahaha!

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