Lenglui? Lengzai?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now for some random topic.

"After 1 month, what do you think about your classmates?"

Hmm......well, I don't know about their personality of course but some of the are nice. I've met some nice girls in my class and maybe a few nice guys? XD hahaha! At least they helped to carry tables. XP LOL!
What I do know is there are many clever people in my class. 9As, 10As and even 11As. What am I compare to them?? Boohoo~

"Pretty girls? Handsome guys?"

Oh, pretty girls? Of course there are! There are pretty girls wherever you go. There are pretty girls in my class but few. Like 5 or 6 only. Guys? That's even worse. Like err.......2.......ok, maybe 3 (haven't discover yet...LOL) So now, there's only 2 good looking guys in my class. They're not really handsome like superstars but I'll still consider them as good looking or else there'll be none. Hahhaha!

Class and lessons

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh it's gonna rain. It's gonna rain anytime soon. The strong chilling wind that blows through the window makes me feel so fresh and soothing. The coolness of the wind is exactly like the one you feel in Genting Highlands. Woohoo~ I miss Genting. I wonder when can I go there again. Probably this year? Next year? AH! I don't know.

I'm really sorry to admit that after 1 month, I still don't know all my classmates. Even worse, I don't even know their names.

I had General English class yesterday and we were supposed to divide among ourselves into 3 students per group the day before the class started. As we were randomly grouped, I got separated from my friend. I got two group members with the name............Ching chong, chang Ching........(opps, in the end I still don't know their names....that goes to show how bad my memory is... LOL). So of course I couldn't find my members yesterday and had to ask around. I asked 5 people the same question :"Hey, do you know who is this person?" but all I got is a NO. Hahaha! They're as blur as me.

Then I met a nice guy who voluntarily helped me to walk around the class and asked while the class was still conducting. In the end, the answer is still NO. Aww....poor guy, poor me. Hahaha! So who and where the hell is my member?! At last, I found them when the class was about to end. ==" WTH!!

You know what, my roommate watched japanese ghost movie in the middle of the night without earphone yesterday. Oh my gosh! I was about to sleep when I heard all those eerie voices that always gives me goosebumps. Luckily she stopped watching after that when she saw me going to bed.

I'm getting busier day by day. I think I have to cut down the time I spend on Facebook. Maths and accounting lecturer are teaching at a high speed, as if rushing to give birth. Unlike the lecturers in Sunway, they think that all of us are geniuses and are able to keep up their incredible speed.


Maths lecturer: Blah~blah~blah~

(After 3 minutes)
Maths lecturer: Okay now try this question.
(Students start to copy question...)

(After 10 seconds)
Maths lecturer: So what's the answer?

I'm starting to hate maths already. Opps.....I love maths but I hate the lessons. It's soooo booorrriiiiinnnnggggg~~~ZZZZzzzzzz.................

Accounting is even worse. The lecturer take for granted that all of us learned it before. Okay......so.....so.......my expression was literally like from =_=?? >> O.o?? >> o.O?? during the whole lesson. It purely shows that I don't understand a single thing she is talking about. *sigh* I feel like banging the wall now. Boing~

Say "NO!" to blur!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What a blur girl I am. I don't even know what's in my mind. I have been so blur all these while that I can't even stand myself anymore. Arrghh!!!! Damn it! I'll be more alert from now onward. I don't want to be blur anymore. I'm no blur girl anymore, ever!!

Phew! Thank god. No quizzes for today or else I would be dead meat. I'm going to study today because there will be quizzes tomorrow and on Wednesday. Jiayou~Jiayou!

It's Okay Even If It Hurts - Seohyun (SNSD)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It is kind of hard to find nice ballad songs these days. Well, just say I don't know where to start finding. Which band? There's so many korean bands. So many songs. How to know which is nice?

As I browse through Youtube for any other songs sung by Taeyeon, I found this. This song is quite nice and Seohyun's voice is actually quite good although not as good as Taeyeon's. I didn't realise that.

Korean food...MMmm~

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woohoo~ I went for karaoke again today. Ekk...ek...I don't sing much though as I don't feel like singing today. *cough* And my singing is not nice at all*cough* Hahaha! XD

I had korean food at Daorae this afternoon. That dish(I've forgotten the name) I ate today was delicious but expensive. I guess it's okay once in a while. Guess what I had for dinner? Korean food again at Tok Su Gong. Hahaha! Had korean food for the whole day. Was like WTH but I don't mind as I love korean food. Yummy~

Oh my god! Quizzes will be starting from Monday onwards. I haven't start studying anything yet. Yes, I know it'll be a lot more easier than A-levels but still....I'm not prepared because my mind seems to have slowed down after a 9 months break. What happened to me?

My life of the day

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is the 101th post. Celebrate? Nah.....

My toe is still hurting. I hope it heals by tomorrow because I'm going out with my friends this Saturday. So toe ah, toe....please heal.

We did online Facebook learning for General English just now. It was quite fun actually. We can secretly chat within members while the lecturer is teaching.

Lecturer: Wow! I'm so shocked! Why are you guys so quiet today?
Students: It's okay~

Hahaha! Actually we're chatting among ourselves. XD

I still miss my shoulder-length-hair very much. :( I really do look like a 13 year old kid loitering around MMU. Hahaha! LOL~

Well, I guess nothing much to say about my life today. At last, the sad days are gone. I'm back to the happy me again. Quizzes of all the subjects are starting next week but I still couldn't understand accounting. OMG! I've not even started any revision. Why does the day passed so fast? The tension is getting greater and greater day by day. I can't breath!!

Clumsy me

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The wound on my toe is bleeding again because I am so clumsy. I accidentally hurt it twice. Boohoo~~ It's so painful. It's even more painful than yesterday. :(

Music speaks my heart

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I used to love this song a lot and could listened to it almost everyday. I still love it and am listening to it now. Taeyeon is such a great singer.

Fell from the stairs

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ouch! I fell down from the stairs today. Luckily it's not that serious as I just fell a few steps. Just some bruises and bleeding here and there. My friend was definitely shocked just now when I suddenly slipped and fell down. Hahaha! The bruises looked painful. Yes, it is painful but not as painful as what I've gone through while I was in the hospital. It's nothing compared to the cleft surgery. It's just a little tingling pain and that's all. Serves me right though that I fell down. Really serves me right. It would remind me to stay alert every time I climb the stairs.


Monday, June 20, 2011

There will be many quizzes next week. * sigh*

Time passes really fast. In a wink, three weeks had already passed. As usual, I'm always busy rushing for classes. However, I don't feel like the old me anymore. I find it hard to concentrate on lectures in class. What happened to me? I couldn't even concentrate for 15 minutes. My mind always wanders off....away from reality.

It's a fine day today. Nothing's wrong with everything that happened today but something is wrong with me. I'm feeling weird today. A lost feeling lingers in my heart for the whole day. Maybe I was very tired because I haven't been sleeping well for the past 2 days. Despite my feelings, I tried to hide it and act normally. Something is bothering my heart. His words, his actions. I still couldn't figure it out.

It's as if I'm living in a dream. Everything that happened to me is like a dream. Meeting him is like a dream. Maybe I daydreamed too much. Haha! Why do I only have this kind of feeling for him and not anyone else? I'm sure there is someone else better than him.

I can still vividly remember the first day we meet. I was enchanted to meet him even before I saw his face. Crazy huh? I guess so. So many things happened between us. I would like to blurt them out but it would seems like a big rant and way too cheesy.

I'm still clueless about his feelings but I'm sure of mine. I failed to hold back my feelings every time I saw his face. I tried to avoid him but failed too....many times. Fate will always pull us together no matter how I tried to escape. I don't know why. Only god knows what will happen next. :)

Life is sure full of unexpected events. Enjoy~!!

Oh! Not that early!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sien ah~!!! Have to wake up so early tomorrow for group project. Initially I planned to wake up at 7.30am but then one of my group members told me they're going to start the project at 7am tomorrow instead of 4pm. Boohoo~~
That means I have to sacrifice my sleep tomorrow. Anyway, I'll be late tomorrow. I'm going to reach only at 8am. I don't care! Hmph!! Hahaha! I just hate to wake up so early. In addition, I don't think anyone will be there at 7am tomorrow.

Outings and me

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's 2am already but don't feel like sleeping right now although I'm very tired.

I went out with my friends today. As usual, we walked around and eventually found a place for us to sit down, eat and chat. We went to Wong Kok restaurant today not because we were hungry(actually I was). It's because my friend, Janice wanted to quench her thirst for talking too much. Hahaha!

While we were chatting, I realized the restaurant was playing some nice korean ballad songs that'd heard before but I don't know the song title or who sang it. All I know was that I immediately felt lonely, I don't know why. Must be the power of ballad songs to be able to stir up sad feelings in one's heart. I love ballad songs nonetheless.

Hahaha! Cam-whoring! I went for a little window shopping just now and saw this pants. It's the kind of super short pants that I'd always seen koreans wearing it. Out of curious, I took it and tried it on. Eeekk! OMG! I looked fat and weird in it plus the pants is way too short.

Fragments of memory: UP cartoon movie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I recalled a cartoon I'd watched when I was in the hospital.

Yes, it's the cartoon movie UP which was quite popular back then in 2009.

To tell the truth, I did not even get to finish watching half of the cartoon as my ex-housemates came to visit me. I admit that I was actually very happy that they took the time to visit me. It was very thoughtful of them although we seldom talked to each other.
Wait...where was I? Ok...so I'd only watched the first 30 minutes of the cartoon and what makes me remember it is the beginning of the cartoon.

Carl and Ellie met when they were young and got married. They had a happy and wonderful life together. Both of them had a dream that was to travel to the Lost Land of South Africa. Carl made a promise to bring Ellie there but never did. They lived together for many years until they grew old. However, Ellie was sick and eventually died. Now Carl lives alone but he still remembers his promise to Ellie. One day, he took off to the Lost Land of South Africa with lots and lots of balloons together with his house. (I'm not sure of the details. I'm just recalling some fragments of the scene.)

I actually cried watching the beginning. What Ellie wrote to Carl (refer to picture above) is so touching.

I just realize this is the first part of the music video for the song Your Words by 5dolls.

Here and there again

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another week has passed. Nothing significant to brag about. It's just the same routine everyday. Listen to songs every night before I sleep, wake up and rush to classes, comes back with a tired look, turns on laptop and goes on Facebook as usual, study and sleep. End of story.

Oh ya......did I mention it? I just joined Korean Cultural Society in MMU. I'm going to join the dance group. I'm so excited about it. I've never learned dancing before and has always yearned for. It's like a dream come true! Yay~! I may join korean language group too if it's possible. At least I will be able to understand kpop songs without any help of lyrics.

I'm not a fan of korean drama fan. I just love korean songs!

This is the song that I've been humming all long in my day dreams and also whenever I'm bored. I'm surprised that this addicting song was sung by 5dolls, a sub-group of Co-ed. What is even more surprising is the music video. Since it's a cheerful song, I automatically assume that the music video is going to be a cute one with the girls dancing along in it but.....no, it's not.

It's about a girl who suffers leukimia meets a guy who rescued her when she fainted on the street. It was found out later that the guy is studying in the same art school as her and eventually she has a crush on him. Sadly, the guy already has a girlfriend. Despite that, they still keep in touch with each other. At last the girl dies because of leukimia.

Hahaha! The story is so dramatic like some korean drama isn't it? Why do someone have to die in the end? It should at least have a happy ending. That's what I feel. This reminds me of a nigahiga video I've watched about his rant on asian drama.

Hahaha! That's so lame but funny! Hahaha!

Graduation,memories....and disappointment

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today, when I've finally get to online, my Facebook homepage was loaded with lots of Sunway A-level graduation photos. Pretty ladies, beautiful dresses, handsome guys and hey! Where am I?!

I was suppose to be there, to graduate, to be with them, having fun together but I'm not. I wasn't meant to be there anymore.

I was invited to the graduation party but I cruelly rejected it because I know nothing there is left for me. I don't belong there anymore. Why would I even care to dress up nicely and attend? It wasn't even my graduation party. It's theirs. Not mine. This makes me feel a little sad.

Oh well, memories are memories, always and forever. Thanks for the memories, S2. Nonetheless, it's fun to be with you guys. :)

The lucky girl!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A million thanks to my roommate for lending me a hand. Without her, I wouldn't be able to update my blog or should I say online. Actually, she gave me her old streamyx username and password. That's the reason why I can go online today after 3 days without internet. It's really a torture to live without internet. I am so lucky unlike my other housemates who could hardly access the internet. Aww... so sad!

The start

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So the week 1 of classes had started. There's a lot of people in my class. With 2 groups combined for classes, that makes a total of 77 students. Out of 77 students, almost half of it is from Malacca. Hahaha! That's a lot!

Most classes are just intro of the subjects I'm taking. Boring~~~*yawn* Nothing much happened during that week. Mmm....except for crushes. Hehehe~ Well, I guess it's normal for me to *edited*. As usual, they come and go. Those feelings, they came like an instant, made me pondered for sometime and silently they left me. *edited*

Enough of my rant I guess. Hehe~ Oh, did I mentioned I need to sit for MUET? It's a compulsory for every student. I get a hint of how MUET speaking would be like during General English class. All of us had to go in front of the class to present something and then there's group presentation. All I know is I was just stammering all the way. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm talking because I stammered too much. Oh no......OH NO!!! How am I going to survive? As for assignments, there's loads of them already even though it's just the first week. Damn!

Ok, that's enough. It's time for me to sleep already.
Oh ya....I'll be updating my blog at least once a week( I'll try my best ) as my hostel line is super slow. It seems like I'll be updating my diary for most of the time.
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