Graduation,memories....and disappointment

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today, when I've finally get to online, my Facebook homepage was loaded with lots of Sunway A-level graduation photos. Pretty ladies, beautiful dresses, handsome guys and hey! Where am I?!

I was suppose to be there, to graduate, to be with them, having fun together but I'm not. I wasn't meant to be there anymore.

I was invited to the graduation party but I cruelly rejected it because I know nothing there is left for me. I don't belong there anymore. Why would I even care to dress up nicely and attend? It wasn't even my graduation party. It's theirs. Not mine. This makes me feel a little sad.

Oh well, memories are memories, always and forever. Thanks for the memories, S2. Nonetheless, it's fun to be with you guys. :)

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