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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's 2am already but don't feel like sleeping right now although I'm very tired.

I went out with my friends today. As usual, we walked around and eventually found a place for us to sit down, eat and chat. We went to Wong Kok restaurant today not because we were hungry(actually I was). It's because my friend, Janice wanted to quench her thirst for talking too much. Hahaha!

While we were chatting, I realized the restaurant was playing some nice korean ballad songs that'd heard before but I don't know the song title or who sang it. All I know was that I immediately felt lonely, I don't know why. Must be the power of ballad songs to be able to stir up sad feelings in one's heart. I love ballad songs nonetheless.

Hahaha! Cam-whoring! I went for a little window shopping just now and saw this pants. It's the kind of super short pants that I'd always seen koreans wearing it. Out of curious, I took it and tried it on. Eeekk! OMG! I looked fat and weird in it plus the pants is way too short.

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