Lenglui? Lengzai?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now for some random topic.

"After 1 month, what do you think about your classmates?"

Hmm......well, I don't know about their personality of course but some of the are nice. I've met some nice girls in my class and maybe a few nice guys? XD hahaha! At least they helped to carry tables. XP LOL!
What I do know is there are many clever people in my class. 9As, 10As and even 11As. What am I compare to them?? Boohoo~

"Pretty girls? Handsome guys?"

Oh, pretty girls? Of course there are! There are pretty girls wherever you go. There are pretty girls in my class but few. Like 5 or 6 only. Guys? That's even worse. Like err.......2.......ok, maybe 3 (haven't discover yet...LOL) So now, there's only 2 good looking guys in my class. They're not really handsome like superstars but I'll still consider them as good looking or else there'll be none. Hahhaha!

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