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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh it's gonna rain. It's gonna rain anytime soon. The strong chilling wind that blows through the window makes me feel so fresh and soothing. The coolness of the wind is exactly like the one you feel in Genting Highlands. Woohoo~ I miss Genting. I wonder when can I go there again. Probably this year? Next year? AH! I don't know.

I'm really sorry to admit that after 1 month, I still don't know all my classmates. Even worse, I don't even know their names.

I had General English class yesterday and we were supposed to divide among ourselves into 3 students per group the day before the class started. As we were randomly grouped, I got separated from my friend. I got two group members with the name............Ching chong, chang Ching........(opps, in the end I still don't know their names....that goes to show how bad my memory is... LOL). So of course I couldn't find my members yesterday and had to ask around. I asked 5 people the same question :"Hey, do you know who is this person?" but all I got is a NO. Hahaha! They're as blur as me.

Then I met a nice guy who voluntarily helped me to walk around the class and asked while the class was still conducting. In the end, the answer is still NO. Aww....poor guy, poor me. Hahaha! So who and where the hell is my member?! At last, I found them when the class was about to end. ==" WTH!!

You know what, my roommate watched japanese ghost movie in the middle of the night without earphone yesterday. Oh my gosh! I was about to sleep when I heard all those eerie voices that always gives me goosebumps. Luckily she stopped watching after that when she saw me going to bed.

I'm getting busier day by day. I think I have to cut down the time I spend on Facebook. Maths and accounting lecturer are teaching at a high speed, as if rushing to give birth. Unlike the lecturers in Sunway, they think that all of us are geniuses and are able to keep up their incredible speed.


Maths lecturer: Blah~blah~blah~

(After 3 minutes)
Maths lecturer: Okay now try this question.
(Students start to copy question...)

(After 10 seconds)
Maths lecturer: So what's the answer?

I'm starting to hate maths already. Opps.....I love maths but I hate the lessons. It's soooo booorrriiiiinnnnggggg~~~ZZZZzzzzzz.................

Accounting is even worse. The lecturer take for granted that all of us learned it before. expression was literally like from =_=?? >> O.o?? >> o.O?? during the whole lesson. It purely shows that I don't understand a single thing she is talking about. *sigh* I feel like banging the wall now. Boing~

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