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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another week has passed. Nothing significant to brag about. It's just the same routine everyday. Listen to songs every night before I sleep, wake up and rush to classes, comes back with a tired look, turns on laptop and goes on Facebook as usual, study and sleep. End of story.

Oh ya......did I mention it? I just joined Korean Cultural Society in MMU. I'm going to join the dance group. I'm so excited about it. I've never learned dancing before and has always yearned for. It's like a dream come true! Yay~! I may join korean language group too if it's possible. At least I will be able to understand kpop songs without any help of lyrics.

I'm not a fan of korean drama fan. I just love korean songs!

This is the song that I've been humming all long in my day dreams and also whenever I'm bored. I'm surprised that this addicting song was sung by 5dolls, a sub-group of Co-ed. What is even more surprising is the music video. Since it's a cheerful song, I automatically assume that the music video is going to be a cute one with the girls dancing along in it, it's not.

It's about a girl who suffers leukimia meets a guy who rescued her when she fainted on the street. It was found out later that the guy is studying in the same art school as her and eventually she has a crush on him. Sadly, the guy already has a girlfriend. Despite that, they still keep in touch with each other. At last the girl dies because of leukimia.

Hahaha! The story is so dramatic like some korean drama isn't it? Why do someone have to die in the end? It should at least have a happy ending. That's what I feel. This reminds me of a nigahiga video I've watched about his rant on asian drama.

Hahaha! That's so lame but funny! Hahaha!

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