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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is the 101th post. Celebrate? Nah.....

My toe is still hurting. I hope it heals by tomorrow because I'm going out with my friends this Saturday. So toe ah, toe....please heal.

We did online Facebook learning for General English just now. It was quite fun actually. We can secretly chat within members while the lecturer is teaching.

Lecturer: Wow! I'm so shocked! Why are you guys so quiet today?
Students: It's okay~

Hahaha! Actually we're chatting among ourselves. XD

I still miss my shoulder-length-hair very much. :( I really do look like a 13 year old kid loitering around MMU. Hahaha! LOL~

Well, I guess nothing much to say about my life today. At last, the sad days are gone. I'm back to the happy me again. Quizzes of all the subjects are starting next week but I still couldn't understand accounting. OMG! I've not even started any revision. Why does the day passed so fast? The tension is getting greater and greater day by day. I can't breath!!

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